But EA accidentally released the pack

  • FUT Hero items are very scarce players that FIFA 23 Coins can be found in specific packs of Ultimate Team. FUT Hero cards are awarded to players who have contributed significantly to the club or are an instant favorite like the former Manchester United midfielder Park Ji-Sung.

    Due to their incredibly rare nature, they can be very expensive in FIFA 23 Ultimate team's online transfer marketplace, with certain items like Yaya Toure being sold at 1.9 millions of FUT coins that a prominent third-party website selling coins values at less than PS400.

    But EA accidentally released the pack and flooded the market with an enormous quantity of the item and saw the prices fall rapidly and some players losing up to one million coins in value, which is around PS200 for purchases through a third-party.

    EA has not yet made a statement on the error. But the impact on the market will last forever. The majority, if not all players are losing value, and even though the market has improved somewhat after the demise of the pack and consequent shortage in FUT Hero items, the loss of coins is permanent.

    The players who were able to purchase the pack could be in greater luck, however because the pack was advertised as non-tradeable (meaning it couldn't be traded in the market for transfer) In the past, where EA has sold packs with incorrect descriptions the company typically pays those who purchased the pack. This means that cheap FUT 23 Coins some players could receive the two FUT Hero cards in exchange for as little as 25,000 coins.