The first thing on the agenda today

  • Many of the latest deflections produced by FIFA 23 Coins an extended leg or foot are only visible on replay, and replays I've seen , these shots -- particularly those of the power variety -- will cause some injuries. Deflections and 50-50s still favor the AI particularly as you get used to new body models and what they mean regarding acceleration.

    HyperMotion and realistic physics simply do not work. There's still way too much sliding and unnatural movements that detract from what should be realistic outcomes. Sliders like OS Community Sliders can help slow the game down and make it more realistic, but they can only do what they can with regards to physical simulation.

    Today's deep dive I'll examine the new gameplay features included in FIFA 23 to share my opinions on which have an impact on the game, the impact (negative either positive or negative) they've had and whether there's scope to improve. To see the list of new options, we'll simply refer to EA's FIFA 23 site. For we're grading FIFA 23, we'll use an easy 1-5 rating with 5 being a "great addition" while 1 is "why did EA even bother adding this?" If you want to scope out my review for FIFA 23, you can also head here.

    The first thing on the agenda today is the much-anticipated newly released Power Shot. This shot type relies heavily on the skill of the shooter by incorporating the concept of risk/reward that lets you unleash powerful shots at your opponent's goal.How to perform power shots: LB/L1 + RB/R1 + Shoot manually while aiming

    When to use Power Shots: due to the fact that the animation takes quite a long time to play out and the fact that they are expensive, power shots should only be employed when there is sufficient time, space and resources for the command. In general, any power shot made near the 18-yard mark will be blocked if the route is unclear as the trajectory typically is more cheapest FIFA 23 Coins flat when compared to high-end shots.