Set pieces have not only improved

  • Shoot again to FIFA 23 Coins activate Timed finishing for an additional level of accuracy. By knowing which part of the circle are going to be making contact, you can control the kind of shot you shoot and what spin, should it be any to be applied. It's a fairly simple concept but one that is challenging enough to make free kicks or set pieces in a balanced manner.

    Watch the composure circle surrounding the ball. Press take the shot once it's the smallest for maximum accuracy Hold down R1/RB/L1/LB simultaneously at the same time you shoot for a finesse or chip shot. Use Left stick as a guide for the shot before the ball hits. Corner kicks have the same set of plays linked to the D-pad so you can choose from a few as defensive or offensive situations.

    Set pieces have not only improved in terms of mechanics however, they've also improved. In conjunction with players who are strong as well as those who are skilled in the air , becoming relevant again, it's good to see EA enhance this aspect of the game.

    The feature that I was interested in trying in person was the brand new Physics system. As HyperMotion 2 being touted as a way to introduce more realistic games with physics, I wanted to find out whether the changes made an impact on the game in any way.

    There's an interesting mix on this front. On the other side, you'll be able to see the updated ball's mechanics when you switch play. The ball turns and spins accurately as FUT 23 Coins buy you follow the ball of the flight.