Toure is among the new members

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    These secondary special items are designed to shine a light on players who have " an underlying characteristic of leadership and respect for their clubs the club they were playing for".

    Toure is among the new members of the 'Heroes' club with an 87 base card and an 89 upgraded World Cup rating.Some of the Ivorian's stats are impressive, with the 89 physical, 84 dribbling as well as 86 passing, and 83 shooting.

    However, there's been some outrage over Toure getting his 78 pace, despite him showing an impressive speed on several occasions in his pomp.It seems like EA didn't see his insane and raging run against Aston Villa in 2014.

    With the upgrade of his 89 card Toure's speed does increase to 82 , with numerous other attributes seeing an increase too. While playing his highest rating was 86. This was an overall rating score cheapest FUT 23 Coins he earned the highest score in FIFA 13, FIFA 14 FIFA 15 and FIFA 16.