The left stick is used for directing the ball.

  • It is a common occurrence with FIFA 23 Coins any game that is newly launched players are constantly looking for the best techniques and tips in order to be able to master the game as fast as possible.

    Scoring from a corner is thought to be a very difficult skill to master, but one player has discovered a method to achieve this. Here's how to scoring straight from a corner of FIFA 23. The aiming system that was used in the previous game is gone and is now replaced with the display of a line that tracks the movement of the ball through several yards.

    The left stick is used for directing the ball. The right stick is for the length. If you want to score from the corner, it's ideal to play the corner as an inside-swinger with the right blend of speed and accuracy. Make sure you have a set piece specialist on to the corner.One user on Reddit provided their recommendations on how to achieve the art of scoring from a corner. They advised: "Ideally 3.5 bars power, in-swinger, aim inside the 6-yard box."

    Another gamer added: "The aim is surprisingly reliable, so when you have a decent angle or power which works for you, it is a real tool to deal with out-of-position keepers."It seems that the corner taking technique is much easier to master in FIFA 23 than it was in previous versions. This can be the reason why a lot of players are trying to keep their opponents away by using in the corner.

    FIFA 23 is the last version of buying FUT 23 Coins the game released under the FIFA name. However, from next year onwards, EA will be releasing their games under a brand new name: EA SPORTS FC. EA has announced in a release: "After nearly 30 years of creating defining interactive football experiences, we'll soon embark on a thrilling new age.