Weeping Peninsula (South Limgrave) - Dungeons, Points of Intere

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    Weeping Peninsula (South Limgrave) can be a smaller region of Limgrave in Elden Ring. This page includes a review of the area, including all main dungeons, bosses, loot, and tips for finding in this region.

    Weeping Peninsula Merchants and NPCs

    As you explore areas of Limgrave, you will find various friendly (or seemingly friendly) faces you will see and speak with - and in many cases, buy and sell with to acquire unique wares.

    Irina - A blind young child who is assigned to a royal family. She's been separated from her family during an enemy invasion of the family's castle. As a side quest, you can deliver correspondence to Castle Morne for my child.

    Nomadic Merchant - The same merchant you see in West Limgrave, this merchant provides slightly better wares than you'd see in the other regions of Limgrave, including a Talisman when you still need to find you to definitely equip.

    Nomadic Merchant's Wares

    Kukri (60 Runes) Cracked Pot x1 (600 Runes) Stonesword Key x1 (2000 Runes) Bastard Sword (3000 Runes) Light Crossbow (1500 Runes)

    Arrow (20 Runes) Great Arrow x8 (300 Runes) Bolt (40 Runes) Ballista Bolt x8 (300 Runes) Red Thorn Roundshield (600 Runes)

    Round Shield (1000 Runes) Iron Helmet (1500 Runes) Scale Armor (2400 Runes) Iron Gauntlets (1500 Runes) Leather Trousers (1500 Runes)

    Crimson Amber Medallion (1500 Runes) Note - Demi-human Mobs (500 Runes)

    Isolated Merchant - A merchant whose shop is situated at the southwesternmost point inside the Weeping Peninsula. It's been years since he last experienced a customer. He sells arrows, Stonesword keys, along with goods. Most importantly, he sells something crucial on your journey—a lantern that one could equip in your waist.

    Isolated Merchant's Wares

    Lantern (1800 Runes) Arteria Leaf x5 (1000 Runes) Stonesword Key x3 (2,000 Runes) Lost Ashes of War x1 (3000 Runes) Zweihander (3500 Runes)

    Arrow (20 Runes) Great Arrow x15 (300 Runes) Bolt (40 Runes) Ballista Bolt x15 (300 Runes) Sacrificial Twig x3 (3000 Runes)

    Note - Walking Mausoleum (600 Runes)

    Edgar - The commander of Castle Morne, is available on the Japanese ramparts - going north in the evening, soldiers and Misbegotten fight after crossing the primary ramparts on the cliffs. He'll provide you with a Sacrificial Twig for checking in, assuring that he can only leave the castle once it's a legendary weapon is secured through the boss in this outdoor dungeon. Fulfill his request, and he'll return to Irina and expect a pleasant ending.

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