East Liurnia Merchants and NPCs

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    As you explore the location of Liurnia, you can find various friendly (or seemingly friendly) faces you can discover and meet with - and also buy and sell with them to get unique wares. Sorcerer Thops - You'll find a meek wizard seeking refuge in the Church of Irith near the region's entrance. He had the misfortune to be away in the Academy of Raya Lucaria after they closed their gates but may know ways to get back in, all of which will sell you a couple of basic sorceries when you give him some Runes. You can undertake his offer to get a second Academy Key to provide for him.

    Sorcerer Thops - You'll find a meek wizard seeking refuge at the Church of Irith near your region's entrance. He had the misfortune to become away in the Academy of Raya Lucaria whenever they closed their gates. Still, he may know how to get back in and will sell you some basic sorceries in case you give him some Runes. You can use up his offer to discover a second Academy Key to provide for him.

    Thops' Sorceries

    Glinstones Pebble (1,000 Runes) Flintstone Arc (1,500 Runes) Starlight (2,500 Runes)

    Hyetta the Blind Maiden - At the Lake-facing Cliffs, you could see a blind girl who hopes to become a Finger Maiden. Interestingly, she only appears after completing Irina's questline inside the Weeping Peninsula (and bears a striking resemblance). She'll require some help from Shabiri Grapes to follow the light of grace. Should you choose to assist her, you must procure several grapes to help her as she moves through the cliffs on the Purified Ruins, the Gate Town Bridge, and the Bellum Church.

    Boc - If you helped Boc the Demi-Human way back in Limgrave by obtaining his Sewing Needle, you could find him with the Lake-facing Cliffs, offering his services as a seamster to correct some of your armor free of charge. Eventually, he'll move to your East Raya Lucaria Gate site of grace, north with the Academy, after teleporting throughout the bridge, inquire about a needle to change the garments of demi-gods.

    Nomadic Merchant (Lakeshore) - One of two merchants inside the East Liurnia area, you will discover him resting through the Liurnia Lakeshore, offering some unique wares being a Lantern that can help free hands as you illuminate the darkened gives in this region.

    Nomadic Merchant's Wares

    Lantern (1,800 Runes) Nomadic Warrior's Cookbook 11 (1,500 Runes) Estoc (3,000 Runes) Astrologer's Staff (800 Runes) Arrow (20 Runes)

    Bolt (40 Runes) Kite Shield (1,000 Runes) Astrologer Hood (1,000 Runes) Astrologer Robe (1,500 Runes) Astrologer Gloves (1,000 Runes)

    Astrologer Trousers (1,000 Runes)

    Latenna the Albinauric - Hidden in the Slumbering Wolf's Shack, a space that can be reached by clearing the Lakeside Crystal Cave. Latenna will refuse to cooperate with you with the first meeting, citing some strange those who came to find the location of any specific medallion from her. Only by finding another Albinauric named Albus inside Village in the Albinaurics on the west - and gaining one half in the secret medal - will Latenna talk with you and finally offer herself up like a summonable Spirit.

    Jar-Bairn - Along the eastern cliffs of Liurnia just south of the Carian Study Hall would be the small hidden area of Jarburg. All the Living Jars you can meet here aren't aggressive. Also, a tiny living jar landing on some procedures in front of your house will speak to you regarding their dream of adventure - and it has an associated quest that will advance much later inside the game.

    Miriel, Pastor of Vows - Along the eastern highway in Liurnia, you will get the Church of Vows, in which a giant turtle that has a hat will dispense friendly advice and safeguard the church - where you may offer up Celestial Dew to acquire absolution - rendering any NPC you could have angered and turned hostile by mistake back to a genial status. In addition, Miriel may teach several spells, and you can give them any books or scrolls you will find of either sorceries or incantations.

    Miriel's Sorceries and Incantations

    Magic Glintblade (3,000 Runes) Carian Greatsword (10,000 Runes) Blessing's Boon (4,000 Runes)

    Elden ELiurnia BellumMerchant.jpg

    Nomadic Merchant (Bellum Highway) - Another merchant obtained in East Liurnia, this merchant can be accepted on a lower path underneath the Bellum Church for the far north end of the area on the way towards the Grand Lift and will be offering his wares to prospects daring to venture this far.

    Nomadic Merchant's Wares

    Rune Arc x3 (4,000 Runes) Immunizing White Cured Meat x3 (2,000 Runes) Invigorating White Cured Meat x3 (2,000 Runes) Clarifying White Cured Meat x3 (2,000 Runes) Bewitching Branch x5 (1,600 Runes)

    Nomadic Warrior's Cookbook 13 (2,000 Runes) Composite Bow (3,500 Runes) Arrow (20 Runes) Bolt (40 Runes) Rift Shield (1,800 Runes)

    Blue Crest Heater Shield (1,500 Runes)

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