Leadership at WoW Support Studio Proletariat Won't Voluntarily

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    Leadership at Proletariat, the developer behind Spellbreak, acquired by Activision Blizzard to help on World of Warcraft, will only voluntarily recognize worker unionization efforts. Instead, leadership has filed for any union vote from the National Labor Relations Board.

    Members of Proletariat formed the Proletariat Workers Alliance with the aid of the Communication Workers of America in December in response to the studio's acquisition. In a different blog post, Proletariat leadership describes themselves as "pro-worker," stating that the studio's name derives from the dissatisfaction the studio's founders experienced elsewhere in the video gaming industry. Leadership says that determining to seek an NLRB election over voluntarily recognizing the brand new studio union might be fairer and "allows employees to obtain all the information besides other points of view."

    Members of the Proletariat Workers Alliance disagree. In your firm stand out through CWA, the Proletariat Workers Alliance states that management's actions were not "pro-worker" and instead have fallen "right out with the union-busting playbook utilized by Activision so many others." The united states that a recent "town hall" meeting in the studio was demonstrably anti-union and occurred the same day ZeniMax Workers United announced their union ended up being voluntarily recognized by parent-company Microsoft.

    "We can go for ourselves as we want a union," the Proletariat Workers Alliance statement reads. "We don't need the aid of management. We need--and deserve--respect and neutrality. We want to do right by all of us and collaborate with management without contention."

    In an announcement provided to GameSpot, a Blizzard spokesperson said, "Shortly following the CWA filed a petition for union election at Proletariat, some employees said they believed pressured to sign union cards, were inadequately informed by what they were signing and exactly what it meant whenever they signed. Given this fact, we strongly believe an anonymous vote will be the fairest option. Many employees have requested it, mainly because it gives them the opportunity collect facts and insights about a very important decision without external pressure. We want to make certain that all employees will make their voices heard, because this is their decision."

    The Proletariat Workers Alliance is far from the first union within Activision Blizzard, which has to go with the NLRB to become recognized. Quality assurance workers at both Raven Software and Blizzard Albany sought to maintain their unions recognized by leadership simply to have those requests denied. Instead, the burgeoning unions held elections with the NLRB, each of which was approved with a majority of workers in each group despite Activision Blizzard's claims that multiple QA workers at every studio weren't eligible for unionization.

    Should Microsoft's $69 billion acquiring Activision Blizzard clear legal hurdles, other studios trying to unionize within Activision Blizzard may have an easier time in the future. That's because Microsoft signed a labour neutrality agreement with CWA a year ago that will make it easier, not harder, for employees to sign up or form unions when the acquisition undergoes.

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