Most Powerful Items in WotLK Ulduar Part3

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    Regarding its gameplay modes, the Ulduar raid is rated as one of the most unique raids in history. It features separate brutal ways for players who desire new challenges. To unlock these hard modes, players ought to complete some tasks. When you encounter and defeat bosses uncertainlyway, you will receive many more items to equip.

    Voldrethar, Dark Blade of Oblivion

    Voldrethar is often a two-handed blade, the dark blade of oblivion. For phase 2 with the Ulduar raid, there is hardly any other two-handed weapon besides the Voldrethar. To find the Voldrethar, you should face General Vezax at hard mode difficulty and defeat him. Vezax is one of the most brutal monsters in WOTLK Classic, and beating him even during normal mode is very, not to say, the hard way.

    His skills and Debuffs significantly affect players' physical damage-dealing and mana regeneration abilities. Compared to Stormrune edge, which can be a two-handed weapon and comes second on the list of the best weapons, the Voldrethar provides two hundred dollars more damage output.

    Vezax will be the prison guard where Yogg is prisoned, so you might first kill Vezax to reach Yogg. Those who desire to kill him solo should only attack Vezax and ignore everybody else, while team players must kill others before moving to Vezax.

    Players with low-level characters must constantly move the room to shield themselves from their attacks because they can deal much damage. On the other hand, high-level playersn'tshouldn't be okay with the wear using their company attacks. General Vezax may be the fifteenth boss you'll encounter in phase 2.

    Pharos Gloves

    The gloves of Pharos are one of the most sought-after items in the second phase of the Ulduar raid. You can get these gloves by defeating the Algalon booster. Pharos Gloves undoubtedly are a dream to be realized for caster DPS in WOTLK Classic.

    They provide full spell-casting power, haste, and critical strike rating and have the best item level compared to similar items in the same phase. With these gloves, you will get two additional sockets to utilize gems, meaning even more spell power. They are cloth gloves, making them extremely difficult to maintain as all the others will fight for them.

    Starwatcher's Binding

    Starwatcher's Bindings is an additional item you may get by defeating the Algalon, the observer boss. Getting this binding is really hard, and many players get things I'll carry on with crafting bind-on equip items using the help of run orbs as an alternative to trying to have the Starwatcher's Bindings. It can be a belt you will need to grind a significant gain. The observer will be the seventeenth monster in phase two of the Ulduar raids.

    Compared to the rest of the belts for caster DPS classes, the Starwatcher's Bindings works the most effectively due to your high item level. The spell power on this belt is additionally excellent. You receive many gem sockets in conjunction with it. So, just what are you expecting?


    Constellus is the second weapon on this list for healing classes, plus it comes in the second position for best weapons for healing classes. It is easier to obtain than Val'anyr, so most healers prioritize it. To receive the Constellus, your guild may participate in the Ulduar raid often a week since the Algalon boss is very crowded.

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