Is it Too Late to Make Gold? Wowhead Economy Weekly Wrap-Up

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    Hello! Welcome to your the WoW Economy Weekly Wrap-up!

    This week we discuss whether it is still intimate to get going with professions and look at what addons gold makers use to make their lives easier. We also consider the upcoming 10.0.7 patch and what you can do beforehand to have prepared.

    Is it Too Late to Make Gold?

    As Profession Knowledge accumulates slowly as time passes, many feel that when you don't start on day 1, it's too far gone to get into a profession. However, this can be the same depending on the server and how you can engage with the systems; there are always niches to find.

    Zanediet said: Right now, I wish to reroll my characters to 2 new main characters (Warrior and Mage), and I have to choose 4 professions to start out again from 0, so as of this rate, I would like to hear the most beneficial recommendations of occupations to decide right now looking into future business to make Gold. I have a million gold today for boosting the trades.

    The gathering is my last option at the low prices right this moment.

    Julaab said: I wouldn't listen excessively to people saying it isn't profitable anymore. I started blacksmithing fourteen days ago. 9th February, to get precise. I thought I was behind, too, but remember that when I say there'll always be a demand. I spent 400kish on recipes and crafting stuff myself. On Sunday, I was sitting at 2.1 mils gold profit. For 11 days, making back my original investment and profit at the top. And it's fun to find out about the crafting system.

    Try and read your trade chat. See how many armor Smiths there are and how many weapon smiths there will be. My server has more weapon smiths than armor. Hence I decided to shell out Gold on buying recipes for armor. If you have little Gold to get started on, I will follow weapons since most recipes are tied behind renown (mark) and point in nodes of firearms. The same thing does work for armor, likewise. You can unlock the recipe for every armor by spending 120 points. But there continues to be a high requirement for embellished armor like frost fire leg/belt. Allied wristguards etc

    This introduces an exciting point, try activating all chat channels and filters and wander throughout the crafting areas in Valdrakken. Listen to what activity there's in Trade Chat, and also stand next to those and see what they're crafting. It offers a good clue about what the publication rack is currently doing.

    Hereford said: It depends on your server. I play 3 regularly, and 2 still thriving crafting scenes, while the other has received every "big" crafter I knew from SL transfer. They're primarily off, given it wasn't worth the cost anymore. It's basically just one guy crafting everything now, and he doesn't seem thrilled while using profits.

    Gold can be prod and used, but telly is not a peak gold-making time. A couple weeks ago, whenever they put out new content, there were lots of opportunities (each of the white smog remains to be selling well, however, not as quickly rather than for absurd markups, by way of example). It's currently at the point where I am considering whether it is worth my time. It's like what sort of store might see sales year-long, but you will discover holidays that push profits.

    This may be an excellent time to jump in, though, as numerous like me are most likely dropping out on the market to wait until the following ample profit opportunity leaving less competition and openings achievable for crafters to jump in.

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