Best Addons for WotLK Classic

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    Addons are modifications to your World of Warcraft game. Some of them are simple changes to your user interface (for example, making your character’s health & mana frame bigger, or allowing you to move it), while others have powerful features that can help improve your play — for instance, raid addons that warn you of a boss mechanic.

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    This guide contains a list of useful addons for different aspects of the game, as well as a list of addons that we recommend you use.

    Click the name of the addon in order to be redirected to its download page!

    NOTE: When downloading an addon, make sure you download the version tagged as “WotLK” or “Wrath of the Lich King Classic”! Downloading a version intended for a different version of the game may cause it to not work, and may even cause other unexpected issues in your game.

    Recommended Addons


    We recommend that everyone, regardless of their main activity in the game, uses these addons:




    Details! Damage Meter





    GatherMate2 Classic (for Gatherers)

    HealBot Continued (for Healers)

    PallyPower (for Paladins)

    WeaponSwingTimer SixxFix (for Hunters)

    Total RP 3 (TRP) (for Roleplayers)


    We recommend that players who are new to the game use the following addons, in addition to those found in the Everyone tab:




    We recommend that players who are focusing on raid content use the following addons, in addition to those found in the Everyone tab:

    Deadly Boss Mods (DBM)


    Method Raid Tools (MRT)

    RCLootCouncil Classic


    We recommend that players who are focusing on PvP content use the following addons, in addition to those found in the Everyone tab:


    Gladdy (Classic)





    These addons help you in a variety of ways within the game.


    Are you a collector by nature? This addon is for you!

    Its main feature is to show you the percentage of collectable items that you have, well, collected — or on the inverse, the items you have yet to collect! It displays a list of collectables in the game, along with where and how they can be obtained.


    This addon was incredibly useful in Classic & TBC, showing you how to get attuned to the various dungeons and raids, along with how far along you were in the attunement process.

    WotLK sees the removal of attunements, but this addon is still useful! It tracks your progress on the Wrathgate quest chain, as well as your progress towards beginning the Sons of Hodir and Knights of the Ebon Blade faction grinds. Furthermore, it announces your achievements in chat, so you can flex on your friends when you get that fancy achievement!

    Leatrix Plus

    It is difficult to explain what this addon does, because it does a lot of stuff! It mainly focuses on improving quality of life.

    Some useful features include automatically accepting & completing quests from NPCs, repairing automatically when interacting with an NPC that can repair your armour, selling your junk (grey) quality items automatically, increasing the speed at which you loot items, etc. It also allows you to show and change settings in the game that Blizzard hides by default.

    Nova Instance Tracker

    You are only allowed to enter 5 unique instances per hour, on each of your World of Warcraft characters. But the game isn’t really great at telling you how close you are to this limit, and how long it will be until you can enter another instance — it simply smacks you across the face with a “You cannot enter more instances.” error message when you try to zone into a new instance after reaching the cap.

    In comes Nova Instance Tracker! This addon shows you how many instances you have ran recently, and how long it will be until your lock-outs expire, so you can enter more instances. It also tracks your previous instances, so you can see the speed at which you clear instances in general!

    Nova World Buffs

    Nova World Buffs was an incredibly useful addon in Classic WoW, wherein it tracked world buff timers as its name implies. As world buffs are no longer a thing in TBC onwards, its usability has been reduced somewhat, but it is still very useful!

    The main functionality that players use NWB for nowadays is to track which layer they are on. Are you not happy with your current layer, is the area you are trying to grind overpopulated? Simply check NWB, see your layer, and ask a friend in a different player to invite you, so you can “layer hop”. Furthermore, it shows & announces the time remaining until the next Wintergrasp battle takes place, as well as Darkmoon Faire, useful for getting the Darkmoon Card trinkets.


    Questie is the quintessential quest helper addon. It helps make questing easier, simply put. It does this by showing you available quests on the map, adding markers which show you where to go in order to complete your quests, adds information to tooltips so you know which mobs you need to kill for a quest and which item you need to loot, shows you your group’s quest progress, etc.

    Questie is a very powerful questing addon. However it should be noted that Blizzard has stated they plan to eventually add the official quest tracker to Wrath of the Lich King Classic, which will make some of Questie’s features obsolete. Until then, this addon is a must for people who struggle with figuring out where to go & what to do for their quests!


    As its name implies, RareScanner scans for nearby rare mobs. If you’re after those Reins of the Time-Lost Proto-DrakeReins of the Time-Lost Proto-Drake, or you’d like to be alerted when a nearby rare is up, this is the addon for you!

    It also has a rare explorer, which allows you to see a full list of every rare NPC in the game that the addon tracks. You may also just open up your map, and it’ll show you all rares that can spawn in your current area & a marker showing their spawn points and patrol routes.


    TomTom, named after the popular GPS service, helps you navigate the world. At its simplest, it tells you your current co-ordinates on the map, so you can share them with other players if you found something cool that you’d like to see. But similar to a real GPS software, it also allows you to set “waypoints” at spots that you want to go to, with a helpful arrow on the top of your screen, pointing you in your destination’s direction.

    Many different addons interact with TomTom, allowing you to have an easier time questing for example, with arrows pointing you in the way of your next quest.


    It is impossible to explain what WeakAuras even does, because it just does so many different things. Its main feature is showing an icon on your screen when a specific buff or debuff is found on you or your target. For instance, as an Affliction Warlock or Shadow Priest you may want to track your active DoT spells on your target — WeakAuras can make it so an icon appears when each DoT is up, along with its remaining duration.

    But over time WeakAuras evolved into much more than that. It can now track a huge variety of “triggers” in the game, and respond in a way of your choosing. Do you want a sound to be played every time you step into fire? WeakAuras can do that. Do you want your weapon’s swing time to be displayed on screen with a progress bar? WeakAuras can do that. Do you want a cool circle around your character, that gets filled / emptied out corresponding to your character’s HP? WeakAuras can do that.

    There’s very few things WeakAuras cannot do, really. You can make your own WeakAuras, which are basically mini-addons, serving your own specific purposes. If you aren’t confident about messing with that stuff however, you can also just head over to, the WeakAuras hub, and download WeakAuras created by other players, for the purpose you desire.

    Auction House & Professions

    Gold is an incredibly valuable commodity in World of Warcraft, allowing you to buy powerful items which enhance your character. The best ways to make gold in the game are through professions & the auction house. However, the default profession & auction house interfaces are, simply put, terrible, which makes making gold with them a very challenging task indeed.

    These addons all help you make gold, essentially. We strongly recommend that you have an auction house addon (Auctionator, Auctioneer or TSM) — though make sure you only have 1, you don’t really want to have more than that. Furthermore, if you have a character with gathering professions, we strongly recommend GatherMate2 Classic — it makes gathering herbs & ore a lot easier.

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