Quality YSmarines Marine Roller Fairlead

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    1.Flexible bearing or axle.

    2.Smooth surface coated externally with an anti-corrosion protective finish;

    3.Anti-seawater material.

    4.Customized weldable Pedestal

    5.Seawater resistant bronze slide bearing with grease lubrication.

    6.Welded structure

    NS2585 Warping Roller Fairlead

    NS2585 warping roller

    NS2585 warping roller is the same as the GB/T 10105-88 fairlead. It is cast by the finest quality marine mild carbon steel for added durability. All surfaces in contact with the ropes shall be free from surface roughness or irregularities likely to cause damage to the ropes by abrasion. It has a high breaking load of a tightwire. The compact design, precision machined smooth surface and easily removable shafts ensure the good wear and corrosion resistance of the fairlead. It is used to lead the direction of mooring ropes for marine ships

    ISO13767 Shipside Roller Fairlead

    ISO13767 Shipside Roller Fairlead

    The shipside roller is made in accordance with the standard of ISO 13767. The safe working load (SWL) intended for the use of the roller fairlead shall be noted in the towing and mooring plan available onboard for the guidance of the shipmaster as specified in MSC/Circ.1175. There are two types of fairleads as the construction, which include 2-roller type and 3-roller type.

    ISO13755 Warping Roller Fairlead

    ISO13755 Warping Roller Fairlead

    The foundation of the warping roller shall be determined by the manufacturer in accordance with the standard of ISO13755. The roller is made from steel casting having a yield point of not less than 205N/mm2 or steel plates having a yield point of not less than 235 N/mm2 and the Axl is made from weldable steel casting having a yield point of not less than 350N/mm2 or equivalent.

    Vertical Guide Sheave

    vertical guide sheave

    The vertical sheave is a type of mooring fittings to guide the mooring rope vertically on the deck. The fairlead is built to withstand breaking strength of indicated rope at 90-degree sheave wrap on sheaves. It is made of cast steel with hardened rope groove for longer life. There can be one sheave or two sheaves together. It is a removable guide roller with an epoxy primer coating. It is a special sheave for high-performance synthetic ropes.

    JIS F 2026 Roller Fairlead

    JIS F 2026 Roller Fairlead

    The roller fairlead is manufactured strictly according to the Japanese Standard JIS F 2026-1980. It is also known as universal fairlead with horizontal rollers and vertical rollers. It is made of stainless steel. Its surface is polished and galvanized which has high corrosion-resistance. It is usually located on the deck end or in the bulwark. It can perfectly guide the direction of ropes and protect them.

    JIS F 2014 Warping Roller Fairlead

    JIS F 2014 Warping Roller

    The warping roller is manufactured according to the JIS F 2014 -1987 standard. It is also known as CB58-83 fairlead. It is used as a shipside roller fairlead and is to change the direction of the ropes. All surfaces of the fairlead, including welding, shall be free from any visible flaws or imperfections. The roller diameter is from100mm to 450mm, suitable for rope diameter from 40mm to 80mm.

    ISO13776 Pedestal Roller Fairlead

    ISO13776 Pedestal Roller Fairlead

    The pedestal fairlead is manufactured in accordance with the ISO 13776 standard. The actual SWL of the fairlead on board shall be determined by considering the under deck reinforcement and shall not be over the SWL indicated in this International Standard. Depending on the rollers on the top, the fairleads shall be classified as two types including the cylindrical pedestal and conical pedestal. Besides those, other options such as square or customized pedestals according to the requirement of clients are available.