Useful Knowledge Shared For Marine Navigation Light

  • double-deck marine navigation lights

    The marine navigation light, also known as a marine signal light, is used to show the state of ship sailing or parking, which can indicate the navigation direction at night and the size of the ships. It is an important basis for ships to adopt avoidance measures and effectively avoid collisions among ships, especially at night or in poor visibility.

    The Categories Of Marine Navigation Light

    The ship navigation signal system is an important part of the ship's security and it’s an important lighting system to ensure the safety of night boating. According to the international regulations for preventing collisions at sea, the navigation signal equipment must be installed on the ship with ship navigation lights, ship signal lights and foghorn. The navigation lighting system includes headlight, sidelight, stern light, towing light, anchor light, yellow all-round flashing light, maneuvering signal light and flashing light.


    The ship headlight is white light placed above the centerline of a ship, showing uninterrupted in the 180 degree horizontal arc.


    The sidelight generally refers to the green light on the starboard and the red light on the portside. Each light is showing uninterrupted in a 112. 5 degree horizontal arc.

    Stern light

    The marine stern light is the white light which is installed on the place as close to the stern as possible.

    Towing light

    The boat towing light refers to the yellow light placed as close as possible to the stern, showing uninterrupted in the 135 degree horizontal arc.

    Anchor light

    The anchor light is a type of boat signal light, which is displaying uninterrupted in a 360 degree horizontal arc.

    Flashing light

    A marine flashing light is a signal light that is flashing with the frequency of 120 or above 120 per minute.

    Navigation light indicator

    It is an indicator centralized control of the on-off of the navigation lights and a device that can give an alarm when the navigation lights fail.

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