Mmoexp Mut 23 :Whatever happens next no matter what happens

  • The Steelers along with the Saints are working to recover from the demise of their Hall of Mut 23 coins Fame caliber QBs and the Giants don't seem to be 100% sold on Daniel Jones (and rumored to be interested in Trubisky), the Seahawks need an additional QB following the trade of Russell Wilson, the Colts are looking for a passer as well and the Panthers seem to simply sign QBs for fun at this point -- regardless of how poorly.

    The problem is that there is a weak draft at the position. Even the staunchest supporters of the 2022 QB class concede that all these players need some time to get their feet accustomed. There's not a clear Day 1 starter, outside of perhaps Kenny Pickett, though he has his own doubts about hand size, attitude, and the ability to adapt his skills into Madden NFL 23. The most promising player, Malik Willis, is absolutely not ready to take over a franchise in the near future. His potential success is contingent on landing at a safe firm, stable company where he can sit for a year or two behind a seasoned QB, and learn not just a Madden NFL 23 offensive, but also take advantage of important training sessions with Madden NFL 23 competition.

    If the wager is correct If it's true that Trubisky is really an accident that happened to land in the wrong place at the wrong moment Then a salary of $10 million per year is a relative steal for a starting QB. It's more like a dream than a plan -- and the teams needing passers at this moment need good plans.

    There's also a case that could be made for both. This could involve signing Trubisky on a short-term contract as well as drafting the QB who would wait for the right time. This would be a best of both scenarios which would satisfy fans immediately, while also having a tangible plan that can be implemented in the coming years. It also allows Trubisky to showcase what he's got as a starter in a new situation which could lead to a bigger contract at the tail end for the saga he's had.

    Whatever happens next no matter what happens, it's a good time being Mitch Trubisky. It's only getting better and better as teams part with their top players. Since the news of Rodgers return to Green Bay teams will now seek out the best option available, and that madden 23 coins cheap very well might be Trubisky. He's seen himself go from being a distant thought into the spotlight -- and the dude is going to get paid.