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  • A cornerback is not among the 10 best... surely? I definitely see there madden nfl 23 coins being some disagreement among Derek Stingley Jr. and Sauce Gardner for the top corner this draft, but there is no scenario in which I can see them either one of them getting out of the top 10.

    The position is far enough important in Madden NFL 23 to see six linemen be early in the game, but no corners. I think ultimately all Stingley Jr. and Gardner will go top 10.It's odd, but I can definitely believe it could happen. Kiper doesn't have a passer till 18th, and the Saints select Kenny Pickett. Then the Steelers take Malik Willis at 20.

    I've been trying my best to describe my feelings about Willis and Pickett I'm beginning to think I've finally settled on the comparison I'm more comfortable with. I feel Willis is like a man's Kyler Murray, with his inscrutableness and arm strength, but with no resume to back it up higher. Pickett is a great Josh Rosen. Similar concerns regarding cockiness but there are some professional-grade tools you'd like to use as a group.

    These aren't exactly glowing descriptions This is the reason I can see this move into the middle of the circle as a possibility. Yet, I'm betting somebody willing to gamble on Willis and let him go into the early stages of this draft.Mike McDaniel nailed Rich Eisen's coaching cliche challenge There's the certainty that Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel is a very different person. While he's not the youngest coach in Madden NFL 23 by the numbers, he feels like the breath of fresh air in a normally stuffy career direction.

    McDaniel will do anything to have an enjoyable time, and does not enjoy talking about boring coach metaphors. It was no surprise this weekend when McDaniel was able to utter a number of phrases in a row with a message filled with football cliches until we understood the reasoning behind it. McDaniel engaged in a ruse along with Rich Eisen to spoof the whole event.

    McDaniel was during the Rich Eisen Show on Feb. 25 as host spoke about his love for Madden NFL 23 coaching cliches. It was at this point that McDaniel made an offer: Not only would he use them all the next time he stood on the podium, but he'd work the cliches into a single statement.

    In Indianapolis when McDaniel was asked if the last time he had a meaningful discussion about his discontented cornerback Xavien Howard. It was the moment had arrived.

    "First foremost, every conversation I engage in is meaningful and meaningful, right. I'm excited to coach the guy, but let's not forgetthat it's just whatever it's. It's true for me personally, don't have any kind of crystal ball. In reality, the only men I can talk about are those who are present this moment."

    It was at this point that Eisen quit the press scrum , and then climbed onto the podium to offer McDaniel an enthusiastic high-five for the job well done.

    Now, you're free to get annoyed about this incident if you want and say you think that turning this into a joke wasn't professional But what was it that you expected to be able to learn? McDaniel has no right to stand and provide a revealing insights into a tense cheap madden 23 coins situation that involves one of the Dolphins top players. Thus, the fun of it all , he helped demonstrate how we all take Madden NFL 23 a little too seriously.