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  • New Orleans' cap wizardry does not limit itself and I think this is an amazing Madden 23 coins signing. This was going to be impossible to the Saints to keep Marcus Williams, and they were forced back into free agency to sign one of the most talented remaining security players.Although I do believe there were better safeties that were complete that are available I believe Maye was the best choice for in the Saints defense.

    I'm sure this signing caused all the headlines for Denver pulling off an heist in Dallas, and that's fun but I don't love this deal. Gregory is a good player, but I believe there are more skilled edge rushers who could have been purchased for similar money.

    Gregory will help the Broncos pass rush The Broncos pass rush is expected to improve, and this could be a sign that Denver does not have confidence that Von Miller will return.Sneaky brilliance. That's the way I'd describe Tampa Bay landing Russell Gage. The gas pedal was slammed immediately Tom Brady returned, and this is going to make the offense more terrifying.

    Then you have Chris Godwin, Mike Evans as well as Gage who is the third receiver in the game. This is a recipe for success. Couple that with Gage as a bargain when compared to other players signing with receivers, and there's no reason not to love.Whitehead will provide everything the Jets require. Whitehead is a powerful primary player and will aid in the organization of a team who needs a veteran presence.

    There's not much to say, other than this is a great read. I had Whitehead as my number. five safety in the market and he's an absolute bargain for the price.

    Reed placed third in Madden NFL 23 of solo tackles in the last season. Reed will provide a great net over the top in order to put Jets in a position to put Jets in a position of winning. The only issue I have is this feels like a little more than what the Jets have to spend.

    Getting the best safety in free agency was never going to be cheap however, he's definitely worth it. At the age of 25. there's plenty remaining tread left on the tires and Williams has been playing at an extremely top level for many years.The Ravens are severely deficient in that signature, elite safety that they have had since the retirement of Ed Reed. It's true that comparing anyone to Reed is a bit naive, but I think Williams has the potential to make a significant difference. I'm in love with this.

    This is the situation If you're the worst team in the Madden NFL 23 you'll need make a significant investment to bring in the best free agents. This is a trash fire tax. Christian Kirk is a really great wide receiver and could develop into a superstar but, my goodness, there are a lot of teams going to be angry with Jacksonville to the point of destroying that WR market.

    Imagine how furious Green Bay must be now when they have to convince Davante Adams to sign one of their long-term contracts now Christian Kirk is getting $17M annually?Kirk is a top-tier receiver who fits a specific offensive profile. I don't have any buy mut coins madden 23 doubt the possibility of him becoming an impact player, and eventually offer Trevor Lawrence a weapon.