WoTLK:Or do I want to head to Burning Crusade?

  • It's whatever you find appealing to you I think. We don't aim to turn the Alliance into WOTLK Gold ...whatever you've mentioned [laughs]. I'm thinking that the characters are very powerful. Anduin in this new expansion, really is coming into his own. He's now stepping up to become the king, and there's a rite of passage. In the movie was shown, there's an moment of discovery for him where the king basically kills off a bunch of Horde people surrounding him. Then you think this is his way of life or is it. Then he does this massive mass-healing, which is more the focus of his work. So I think he's incorporating the essence of his father and the Alliance, and his own identity in this.

    By the same token you'll see plenty in the evolution of Sylvanas. We've seen a bit of the character in Legion. We told her a little of her story -- she's the chieftain of the Horde--but you're gonna see a lot more on her character in Battle for Azeroth. Naturally, these stories aren't just about the one enemy as in Legion rather than the different factions.

    In this way, it's like it's going to be a much more personal narrative, given that we've had these types of epic, world-ending stories.

    Absolutely. It's not a big giant monster or a titan as Sargeras. This is the most powerful enemy is possible to have. This is the one who is the other faction.In a way, it feels like going back to the beginning, to the initial conflict between orcs versus humans. Do you think this is an ideal spot for new players to start?

    Yes, I believe so, not only with regard to the story as well as what we're doing within the game. In the past, the upgrade experience hasn't received enough attention from us, as have other aspects to the gameplay. We're working on it and are actually using the technology that we developed for Legion where you can go in to any zone. If you're in the 109 level, I could be in 100. yet we could have a great game experience. This means that we can construct our areas in such as to be the same level of independence, right?

    The way we're going about it is going back and making use of this technology across every area of Azeroth. It will allow players to decide on your choices as well. For example, when leveling up from one to 110. and ultimately 120 levels in Battle for Azeroth, you'll be capable of making a choice: "Do I want to climb to Northrend and play the content?

    Or do I want to head to Burning Crusade?" There's a lot to go through, but we want you to have an enjoyable and smooth gaming experience. Therefore, we're busy momentarily. We're not removing any of our old quest content, so you'll not lose out on your favorite moments. The content will be available.However, we want to ensure that the experience is an enjoyable and smooth experience. If you decide to go into buy WOTLK Classic Gold and play a dungeon even if you are attempting to find quest content in a given zone, you're not going to completely level it.