P2Pah WOTLK Classic:There will also be new Allied Races

  • The most evident absence was one we had guessed prior to WOTLK Classic Gold the convention: no major World of Warcraft news. Two of them, World of Warcraft Remastered and the unconfirmed (but inevitable) World of Warcraft were non-shows at the current Blizzcon. The other things we'd liked to see were a little more subtle.

    What Was Missing At Blizzcon 2017?

    In the video above, Erick Tay and I go over a few things we had hoped to have at Blizzcon which didn't make an appearance, such as the Blizzard animated movie or World of Warcraft remastered.

    If you missed any of the announcements that were actually made at the show you can catch up on the biggest announcements and s from Blizzcon here. Are there any things you'd prefer Blizzard had talked about that didn't get a mention in this year's Blizzcon? Let us know your thoughts in the section below!

    WoW: Battle For Azeroth Expansion Announced at BlizzCon This Update Increases the Capacity of Levels as well as adds new continents

    The BlizzCon's opening ceremonies in the morning, the makers of World of Warcraft MMO World of Warcraft closed out their presentation with the unveiling of the brand-new expansion called Battle For Azeroth. In addition to revealing details, they also released a video visual of World of Warcraft, this new expansion looks to be the most chaotic and intense update the game has had so far.

    With Battle For Azeroth, players will be able to explore new areas of Azeroth that will reveal a variety of unexplored areas of the world that players haven't seen before. With the addition of new continents Kul Tiras and Zandalar, as well as a variety of islands that explorationists can explore at their own pace, the expansion features a new level cap of 120. along with series of brand new dungeons and raids that players can take part in.

    The game's creators claimed that this was the most exciting update to the game in some time and will include numerous new changes that players can look forward. Moreover, we also saw the reveal of World of Warcraft Classic, which allows players to play the first World of Warcraft during its early years.

    Another new feature introduced in this expansion include Island Expeditions, where three players collaborate to take on an assortment of challenges on an islands. You'll compete against a group composed of three -- controlled by AI, or actual players--from the opposing faction who will be the first complete the task. World PvP is also evolving in the near future, with Blizzard looking to remove the PvE/PvP server distinction.

    There will also be new Allied Races, which you will have to work to bring to your team: Nightborne, Highmountain Tauren, and Zandalari Trolls for Horde, and Void Elves, Lightforged Draenei, as well as Dark Iron Dwarves for Alliance. You may even gain the ability to play with  cheap WOW WOTLK Classic Gold that race, as the image above shows; doing this starts you at level 20.