What is Chenille Fabric?

  • Chenille, also known as chenille, is a new type of fancy yarn. It uses two strands as the core thread and spins the feather yarn in the middle by twisting. Generally there are chenille products such as sticky/nitrile, cotton/wash, sticky/cotton, nitrile/wash, sticky/wash.


    The use of chenille fabric endows the home textile fabric with a thick feeling, which has the advantages of high-grade luxury, soft hand feeling, plump suede, good drapability, and particularly good water absorption. Chenille yarn is characterized by fibers held on a plied core yarn in the shape of a bottle brush. It feels soft and is widely used in velvet fabrics and decorative fabrics. The fabrics are gorgeous and have a velvet feel. It can also be directly used as braiding thread, which has the characteristics of plumpness, warmth retention and good decorative effect.


    When cleaning the chenille fabric, in order to ensure that the comfort of the chenille fabric is not affected, it is best to choose the reverse side for cleaning. It is recommended not to use a washing machine for cleaning, and it is better to choose a mobile phone. The chenille fabric products can be placed in cold water, put in detergent, soak for ten minutes, and then gently rub and wash with your hands, avoiding too much force, which will cause damage to the chenille fabric.


    Chenille fabric is commonly used in the production of curtains, bedspreads and other products, and chenille fabric is rarely used to produce clothing. This kind of fabric is made of twisted filaments or short fibers (commonly polyester filaments and cotton yarns) with different strength and fineness. Chenille products also maintain good sales in the market by virtue of many advantages.


    Advantages of chenille fabric:

    1. The suede of the chenille fabric is plump and feels excellent. Although the fabric is relatively thick, the fabric is very light. The chenille fabric has good water absorption and drape, and the fabric has a good shading and dustproof function. , which is why many people choose chenille curtains.

    2. Chenille fabric also has the function of wind and heat insulation. Of course, the sound insulation is also very good. Chenille curtains can create a quiet and comfortable home environment for people.

    3. Chenille also has outstanding performance in antibacterial and anti-mildew. As long as this type of product is not stored in a particularly humid environment, it will generally not become moldy and deteriorate.

    4. Chenille fabric is very decorative and has a good visual experience after printing and embroidery, so it is often used as an ornament.


    Therefore, the curtain of chenille fabric is a very good choice, which has strong practicability, and its superior anti-allergic and anti-static characteristics make it play a very good role as a sofa release.