IGV Guide to Getting started with goldmaking in the Shadowlands

  • Gold is one of the most concrete in-game representations of our playtime because we all have a limited amount of time to play World of Warcraft Shadowlands. Are you tired of never having enough gold in World of Warcraft? Do you want to pay your subscription fee with gold instead of your hard-earned money? Want to make a lot of gold in World of Warcraft but don't know how?Then this book is for you This book provides a good introduction to gold-farming in WoW and some general tips as well as advanced strategies and step-by-step tutorials. You will learn about gold-making add-ons and trending methods in Shadowlands, how to transmog farm for gold, how to farm dungeons and raids for Classic WLK Gold , profession-gathering, crafting and which items to craft, detailed profession guides and more. This guide is suitable for new and old players alike, everyone can learn how to make gold

    World Quests and Reputation Farming

    While World Quests reward you with hundreds of gold, that's not why you're going to do them. You'll need the reputation that the tasks reward for Paragon Chests.

    The chests are from excess reputation points when you've reached Exalted rank. Well, that's 10,000 'overflow' points you'll need to gather, but that's what the numerous errands are for. The boxes will reward you with a sum of gold (about 3-4K) and sometimes a mount or a pet you can sell off. Collectors might pay a pretty penny for the last two, and they wouldn't have to be the ones to farm the reputation.

    The demand for mounts and pets may have diminished since it's been over two years since the release of the expansion. Still, it has been mentioned that there will be collectors who'd rather have the convenience of buying their way to complete their collection. It might take a long time now, but there's good profit in this method.

    You can also do this for old content, like the Order Resource and Blood of Sargeras quests. Those will reward you with various Legion crafting materials you can sell or use at your leisure.

    Best Gold Farming Classes

    Some classes are better at gold farming than others. Below is a list of the best classes for farming gold.

    Druid – Druids are a popular class for gold farmers due to the instant cast of Travel form which is very nice for gathering, Tauren also have faster herb gathering. Druids are also decent at AoE farming and can build very fast speed sets for transmog farming.

    Hunter – Hunters with a speed set can easily get over 200% movement speed, and are good for AoE farming.

    Warrior – Another fast class. Can tear through old content with a speed set and Whirlwind.

    Monk – Good class for AoE farming as well.

    Rogue – Rogues aren’t great at gold farming but having one for lockbox opening is still very nice if you farm a lot of transmog.


    This is by far the most convenient gathering profession as it does not require you to go out of your way to make it work. If you farm beasts you can skin them for increased profit. Simple as that. Skinning works great as an additional source of pocket money during leveling and it retains its status of the top gold-making profession in the end-game as well. One of the main advantages of Skinning is the fact that it makes you money right from the get-go (even Light Leather sells rather nicely). Moreover, this profession turns otherwise mediocre farming locations into very good ones by increasing every defeated Beast mob's value (you can look at it like that: When you have Skinning, almost every Beast you defeat drops an additional Item - a Leather or a Hide).

    Here are some Skinning locations that are definitely worth checking, some of them even during leveling:

    Whelgar's Excavation Site in Wetlands - League of Explorers was running excavations in this area until they encountered a slight raptor problem... This little site is teeming with skinnable beasts that are a great source of Medium Leather. Mobs in this area are packed closely together and they have rather decent loot tables, even if you don't have skinning. We recommend you to have at least level 25 if you want to farm in this spot effectively. Whelgar's Excavation Site is located HERE.

    Western Swamp of Sorrows - Despite being a great letdown for private server players (Swamp Jaguars turned out to be much less profitable than privs lead us to believe), western parts of the Swamp are still a great source of a quite rare Heavy Leather. If you have skinning, this place is still worth checking out if you need the leather, just don't expect to get reach in an instant. Swamp Jaguars can be found in this general AREA. We recommend you to have at least level 35 if you want to farm in this spot effectively.

    Felwood - This is one of the places that are turned from less than optimal into quite profitable thanks to Skinning. Skinnable beasts can be found in the entire zone, and they all have a decent chance to drop the valuable Rugged Leather or less sought-after, but still sellable Thick Leather. Felwood has multiple farming spots, many of them focused around humanoids and Cloths (more on that later), but for skinning, you want to focus on Bears, and they can be found HERE (the blue-marked area). We recommend you to have at least level 52 if you want to farm in this spot effectively.

    Eastern Plaguelands - The favorite zone of all Warcraft III fans offers some of the best Rugged Leather farming locations (Monstrous Plaguebats that can be encountered in northern parts of the zone have around 80% chance to drop one when they are skinned). If you want to make a good profit with skinning and you are at least level 56, this is the place for you.

    This guide is really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to WoW Classic WLK Gold farming. You can spend a lot of time researching how to get rich in WoW, but ultimately, the best way is to try out a few strategies for yourself and see what works best for you. You also can buy wow gold from https://www.igv.com/WoW-Classic-WLK-Gold to help you enjoy the game.