Operation specification of CNC wire cutting machine

  • CNC wire cutting machine is mainly used to process various complex molds, parts, and various non-ferrous metal, tool steel and alloy steel materials. During the operation of the machine, we must operate according to the specified requirements.

    First of all, before the CNC wire cutting machine starts to operate, wear your own work clothes and protective equipment to prevent being involved in the machine. Also check whether all buttons, instruments, handles, etc. of the machine can operate normally, and add lubricating oil to all moving mechanisms to ensure better operation of the machine. At the same time, turn on the high-frequency power supply while ensuring the operation of the aluminum wire.During the operation of CNC wire cutting machine, a certain distance must be kept from the machine to avoid injury caused by sparks; During part processing, attention shall be paid to each electric machining value to prevent wire breakage, short circuit and insufficient working fluid from causing inaccurate workpiece processing; In case of unexpected emergency during processing, immediately press the emergency stop button to check, and then process after troubleshooting; Do not change the electrical frequency at will to avoid inconsistent roughness of machined parts. If necessary, cut off the high-frequency pulse output and then change the electrical gauge.After the operation of CNC wire cutting machine is completed, turn off all power supplies in turn, check the workpiece, and then clean and maintain the machine.