Madden 23 Team Predictions for Week 6

  • We're close to finishing the sixth week of the NFL, and it's time for us to predict who will be in the Madden 23 TOTW.
    From the top performers of the week to the past Week 6, we'll take a look at the offensive and defensive players who can make the cut.
    Let's take a look at who we think will end up on this week's MUT 23 team.

    Madden 23 TOTW 6 Prediction
    Every week, the Madden 23 TOTW (Team of the Week) is released, and this week is no exception, with several players worth checking out.
    Lineups are usually made up of past and present players, giving you the opportunity to add a few cards to the lineup.
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    These cards will likely be released in Ultimate Team on Wednesday, October 19th, giving you a few days before they're available.
    For now, however, we'll discuss the players we think will make the Madden 23 TOTW lineup.

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    Player of the Week 6 (POTW) – Tyreek Hill
    There's no question that Tyrek Hill definitely deserves to be in the Madden 23 TOTW 6 lineup after last week's game.
    He had 177 receiving yards on 12 receptions despite the Miami Dolphins' loss. An extraordinary day, it's time for him to have a powerful MUT card.
    CHEETAH: Will Tyreek Hill be in this week's lineup? Another Dolphin wide receiver, Jaylen Waddle, caught the ball for 129 yards. While it didn't deserve Player of the Week, it was still a great performance.
    Let's see who else makes the Madden 23 TOTW 6 lineup.

    Player predictions for all teams this week
    We definitely think Matt Ryan will make the cut when the Week 6 best lineup is announced.
    His team won the game 34-27 and he advanced for 389 yards and three touchdowns, his best performance so far this year.
    Offense: Matt Ryan, Arian Foster, Chase Claypool,
    We've already mentioned how Matt Ryan is doing, and he should be a part of the Madden 23 Team of the Week lineup.
    Joining him could be Arian Foster, who ran for 141 yards in Week 6 of 2013. He would be an excellent choice for MUT running back.
    CHASE CLAYPOOL: This is another great wide receiver to add to the MUT. Chase Claypool also produced our Madden 23 Ultimate Team lineup for his Week 6 2020 performance.
    Now that we know the offensive players that make up the Madden 23 TOTW 6 lineup, let's look at the defensive players.

    Defense: Zadarius Smith, CJ Gardner Johnson, Matthew Juton
    There aren't many defensive players as good as Za'Darius Smith in Week 6 of the NFL.
    He had two sacks, both of which were instrumental in the Vikings' victory over the Miami Dolphins in Week 6.
    Patriots D: Which New England Patriots can make it to MUT TOTW 6? CJ Gardner Johnson had two interceptions against the Dallas Cowboys this week and will make an incredible Madden 23 TOTW 6 pick.
    Our last pick is Matthew Judon, who made a huge impact in Week 6 of 2019. We'll have to see if he makes it into this week's team.