Environmentally friendly: Rechargeable cigarette lighter can be

  • According to statistics, about 2 billion lighters are sold around the world every year, but due to non-recyclable reasons, they all end up in landfills, which is very unfriendly to environmental protection. However, now a new type of light that is more environmentally friendly and sustainable has been born. Rechargeable cigarette lighters are a new type of lighter. The safety of rechargeable cigarette lighters is still acceptable, and they are a new type of lighter. Rechargeable cigarette lighters can be recycled.

    Electric candle lighter with rechargeable battery ruby red

    The shape is similar to ordinary lighters, and it is very convenient to carry in your pocket: windproof design, very easy to ignite: interestingly, it also has two switch buttons, one on the top and the other on the bottom, which can be easily ignited at any angle: in terms of battery life, It can be used for several days after charging for one hour. In addition to lighters, in order to be more suitable for family use, the rechargeable cigarette lighters seller Fukkuda has also designed a rechargeable lighter, which is suitable for lighting candles, gas stoves, etc., which is very convenient.

    Lighters have changed from simple lighting tools to fashionable products that people live and display today, so what should we pay attention to when using lighters? Let's let you know about precautions for rechargeable cigarette lighters by the rechargeable cigarette lighters seller Fukkuda.

    1. Rechargeable cigarette lighters cannot get wet, and damp lighters cannot be used, which means they are scrapped. Now many friends like to buy lighters, so they must pay attention to storage.

    2. Rechargeable cigarette lighters must not be placed under high temperatures. If your buddy has been exposed to a high temperature, please don't use it again, because the moment you press the switch, it will spark big and hurt your skin.

    3. Do not place rechargeable cigarette lighters in the car in the summer. In summer, the temperature is high. When you are not in the car, the air conditioner in the car is turned off. Do not put the lighter in the car, it is easy to cause a fire!

    4. When many people cook with gas, they are accustomed to using a lighter to ignite. They must not get too close, and it is easy to burn their hands, face, and hair.

    Rechargeable cigarette lighters

    The above are the precautions for rechargeable cigarette lighters that the rechargeable cigarette lighters seller Fukkuda shared with you. If you are interested in this, please contact us to read more.