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  • The technical principle of arc lighters is little known, but the arc lighters provider FUKKUDA is good at researching this, and he is welcome to share the advantages of arc lighters with you.

    Usually, people use matches or lighters to light the fire. The use of matches will waste a lot of tree resources and the cost of use is high. Existing lighters generally use gas as fuel, and when ignited, an open flame will be generated. Because the gas is easy to explode, it is not safe enough to carry it out. For example, it is strictly forbidden to carry gas lighters on the plane. In addition, in the existing lighters, the ignition nozzles are all exposed to the outside, and even if there is a cover, it is inconvenient to open the cover.

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    The technical principle of arc lighters

    At present, lighters on the market (also often referred to as cigarette lighters in the art) are classified into the following types in the form of ignition: gas lighters, kerosene lighters, electric heater lighters and arc lighters. The arc lighter generally includes a casing, an arc ignition assembly and an arc ignition switch used to control the arc ignition assembly to perform ignition action. The arc ignition assembly includes a power supply, a high-voltage generating device and an arc generating head. The output end of the power supply and the high-voltage generating device Power supply connection, the arc generating head includes at least one group of discharge electrode groups, each group of discharge electrode groups includes two discharge electrodes that cooperate with each other for discharge, the discharge electrodes are electrically connected to the output end of the high-voltage generating device, and the output of the arc ignition switch The ignition switch signal is used for the on-off connection of the power supply to the power supply circuit of the discharge electrode group. Arc lighters use the principle of high voltage discharge to generate arcs for ignition. The traditional housing is provided with an ignition port corresponding to the arc generating head, and is provided with a flip cover that closes the ignition port and can be opened, because the arc ignition switch is also arranged outside the housing.

    Advantages of arc lighters

    In daily life, the arc ignition switch is often ignited due to errors, causing the flame generated by the arc to heat the flip cover. On the one hand, the power consumption is accelerated, and on the other hand, the flip cover is easily damaged after being heated. However, this arc lighter sold by FUKKUDA, the safety switch ensures that it is always off when swiped down, and the recessed power button is a double insurance, which prevents accidental touch of the ignition button when putting it in a pocket or bag, which is very safe. The magical lighter will also turn off after 7 seconds of use, and automatically stop charging when fully charged, without accidentally burning your fingers, you can use it with confidence.

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