Do you like rechargeable lighters?

  • Although many young people don't smoke now, men's love for lighters is just like girls' love for cosmetics. It's natural to love. As an old smoker for more than ten years, rechargeable lighters exporter Fukkuda has a soft spot for lighters. Most of the lighters on the market are gas-filled or liquid-filled, and they all have a common drawback: easy to odor when lighting cigarettes, I believe that friends who smoke often know this.

    Dual arc electric lighter with rechargeable battery space gray

    Today, rechargeable lighters exporter Fukkuda will share with you a lighter that Fukkuda has just put on the shelves. It does not need to be inflated or refueled. It only needs to be charged occasionally and can be used without any odor or consumables. Friends who smoke often can learn about it.

    The lighter is called Dual Arc Electric Lighter with Rechargeable Battery Space Gray, and as the name suggests, this lighter is rechargeable and uses a plasma arc for ignition. The cool design of the packaging box is unique for personal use or gifting. The accessories include an instruction manual and a charging cable. The appearance is made of Space Gray, which feels warm and light in the hand. The corners are CNC-cut, and the transition is very smooth and fashionable.

    Different from common inflatable (liquid) lighters, this Dual Arc Electric Lighter with Rechargeable Battery Space Gray ignition port uses two metal devices, the whole machine does not have any screws and an integrated design. The ignition port is made of a full ceramic arc seat, and the outer layer of the trigger point is also made of Teflon material, which can withstand 10,000 volts of high voltage.

    Well, the above are the reasons to buy rechargeable lighters and the unique features of rechargeable lighters introduced by rechargeable lighters exporter Fukkuda. This Fukkuda lighter is good-looking, hurricane-proof, and has sufficient firepower. It is especially suitable for men who smoke or stay at home. Interested partners can go to learn more, contact us to read more.