Folomie Easy Ways to Help you Buy Plastic Food Containers

  • Folomie Plastic Egg Container with lids are a necessary component of our kitchens, but the clutter they cause can be a nuisance. Without a proper storage plan, you can have missing lids and mismatched containers toppling from your cabinets. We rounded up our favorite kitchen storage hacks to solve your food storage container woes. Check out the easy and inexpensive solutions below.

    Food storage containers, glass or plastic? The answer isn't that simple. Aside from personal preference, the choice depends on environmental and safety concerns, space and weight considerations, and functionality. Below, we've laid out the factors to consider when choosing between glass and plastic, and determined a winning material for each category.

    Glass Containers

    Glass containers have a number of pros and cons. These are what we use in our kitchen, and I love that I can store food and reheat it safely directly in the container. The OXO Smart Seal Set is totally leakproof as well, so I always feel safe knowing I’m not going to accidentally slosh soup onto the floor or leak salad dressing onto one of the shelves of the refrigerator. The cons are obviously the weight – they’re heavier than plastic – and the price as they tend to be a spendier choice.

    Opt for fridge containers

    We often keep the leftovers in the fridge. So while selecting, try to choose transparent containers of the same colour and design. Choose sleek compartments for the refrigerator to not occupy much space. Always buy airtight containers because the smell of some foods can spoil other ingredients in the fridge.

    Plastic Food Containers

    These containers are extremely lightweight, are microwavable, compatible with dishwashers, look pretty and come in different shapes and sizes. These containers are spill-free and airtight, so they will always protect your ingredients, dry or liquid. Once you pack it all inside, you are all set to go. You need to look for BPA-Free plastic containers when it comes storing food, either your lunchbox or for kitchen storage.


    You may want to choose a variety of plastic container sizes, such as ones that can transport a single sandwich through to large cake-sized containers. A number of CHOICE Community members use brands that have interchangeable lids, even when the containers are of varying depths – handy when you can't find matching lids easily. Others prefer to stack the containers with the lids on, so consider how much storage space you have.

    If you are looking for high-quality food containers, we recommend you visit food containers online store You can take the tips given above and can end up with the best container for storing your foods fresh and healthy for long.