Finger Pulse Oximeter Product Functions And Features

  • The oximeters we often come into contact with now mainly monitor pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation. Blood oxygen saturation is a very important basic data, which can more directly reflect the blood oxygen saturation in the human body. Berry takes you to understand the functions and features of finger pulse oximeter products.


    Generally speaking, the blood oxygen saturation cannot be lower than 94%. If people monitor and find that their blood oxygen saturation is below 94%, then this situation can be defined as insufficient oxygen supply. The oximeter of Mengjian Technology is not only suitable for people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, but also for people who have some chronic diseases themselves. But it's important to note that people can't use an oximeter for more than 12 hours a day.

    Finger Pulse Oximeter With Bluetooth BM1000C

    Product introduction of finger pulse oximeter

    Oximeter refers to an instrument for measuring blood oxygen. Patients with hypoxia should use the oximeter for a long time to detect blood oxygen content, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of danger. Chance. Finger pulse oximeter is suitable for measuring the human body's pulse oxygen saturation (blood oxygen saturation) and pulse rate. It can be used in families, hospitals, oxygen bars, community medical care, and sports health care. except children).


    Finger pulse oximeter product advantages

    1. The product is easy to use.


    2. Small size, light weight, easy to carry.


    3. The product has low power consumption.


    4. When the battery voltage is too low, which may affect normal use, a low-voltage warning indicator will appear on the LCD display.


    5. No need for routine maintenance and calibration.


    6. It can communicate with computer or mobile phone through bluetooth.


    7. Intelligent prompt function: the instrument automatically buzzer prompts beyond the normal range, and the value flashes.


    Finger pulse oximeter product features

    Oximeters are mainly used to measure pulse rate, blood oxygen saturation, and perfusion index (PI).

    1. Pulse rate: the number of pulses per minute. Under normal circumstances, pulse rate and heart rate are consistent, and pulse rate is lower than heart rate during atrial fibrillation or frequent premature contractions


    2. Blood oxygen saturation: one of the important basic data in clinical medicine, which refers to the percentage of the combined O2 volume in the total blood volume to the total combined O2 volume. It is an important indicator reflecting the oxygen status in the body.


    3. Perfusion index (PI): refers to the blood perfusion index. The PI value can reflect the pulsatile blood flow, that is, the blood perfusion capacity. The greater the pulsatile blood flow, the greater the pulsatile component and the greater the PI value.


    Finger Pulse Oximeter Manufacturer - Berry

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