Design points for leather and other jewelry packaging boxes

  • Jewelry has always been a trendy fashion product that is sought after, and is deeply loved by consumers. In order to attract the attention of consumers, major brands not only work hard on the quality, design and creativity of jewelry, but also need to work hard on jewelry packaging. FORTE would like to share with you the points of attention in the design of jewelry packaging boxes made of leather and other materials.


    Jewelry boxes not only play a protective role for a well-designed jewelry, but also a jewelry box design that fits the brand or jewelry style can also improve the grade of the product and increase the desire of consumers to buy.

    Points to pay attention to in the design of a jewelry box that fits the style

    1. It is necessary to combine the design characteristics of jewelry, such as shape, material, style, style, brand story and other factors to refer to the design. The packaging designed according to the characteristics and personality of the jewelry can better reflect the unity and integrity.


    2. The purpose of the jewelry box is to serve marketing in the end, in order to attract the attention of consumers. The design of jewelry box should be reasonably positioned, and it needs to analyze the target customer group, in line with the aesthetics of the target customer group, and enhance the psychological value of jewelry.


    3. The main function of the jewelry box is to protect the jewelry. The choice of its material needs to take into account the shape, color, bearing capacity and craftsmanship of the jewelry. At the same time, because of the small size and different shapes of the jewelry, the jewelry box design should meet the requirements for the storage and carrying of the jewelry.

    Jewelry Packaging Box Design 3 Elements

    Brand-based jewelry packaging design can better highlight the brand image and the information conveyed by the product, and can leave a deep impression on consumers. Jewelry packaging design generally includes trademark design, text design, and color design.


    Logo design

    Logo design represents the image positioning of a brand, and it is also the embodiment of brand image. It has unique characteristics, and has strong visual appeal and good identification.


    Text design

    Text is the most direct embodiment of information transmission and can play a very good role in promoting products. Basically, the main information is the brand name and series name, which has a good performance effect on the characteristics of the product.


    Color design

    Color is a very important scientific expression, and objectively it is a stimulating phenomenon and a way of psychological expression.

    The three elements of color are: hue, lightness, and purity.

    Hue is the primary characteristic of color and the most accurate criterion for distinguishing various colors.

    Lightness refers to the lightness and darkness of a color.

    Purity is the saturation of a color, as well as the purity of a color.


    Jewelry box design is not something that can be achieved overnight, beauty, functionality and practicality are indispensable. The novel jewelry box will give your brand a certain advantage in the choice of customers. Targeted customized jewelry box design can more effectively combine the design concept, design features and brand meaning of jewelry, and enhance consumers' appreciation for jewelry. Jewelry's sense of identity, strengthen brand image.

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