Paladins will be able to access more talents

  • Mistweaver

    All Mistweaver Monks will be able to use Invoke Yu'lon, Jade Serpent.Touch of Death is a powerful weapon that instantly destroys enemies with less energy than the monk with WoTLK Classic Gold. In addition, it will generate Healing Spheres to allies.The Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane talent will be modified, enhancing the physical damage of the Monk and the ability to heal allies for a small portion of the damage dealt to enemies.Chi-Ji can also render Monks immune to movement-impairing abilities.


    The ability to select between two one-handed weapons or two-handed weapons.All Windwalker Monks will be able utilize Invoke Xuen which is the"white" Tiger.Touch of Death will instantly end the lives of enemies with less than the Monk and will spawn Chi Spheres that Monks consume to perform devastating blows.Dance of Chi-Ji will be added as a passive talent that will give a opportunity to create the next Spinning Crane Kick free to make use of and will cause a significant amount of more damage to all Its strikes.Paladin Blessing of Sacrifice Hammer of Wrath, Sense World of Warcraft, Shield of the Righteous and Turn Evil and Word of Glory become available for all Paladins to utilize regardless of the level of their expertise. Crusader Strike in addition to Hammer of Wrath will grant Holy Power on use. Both the Crusader and Devotion Auras will be accessible to all Paladins.

    Paladins will be able to access more talents, allowing them to manipulate and spend Holy Power with cheap WoTLK Classic Gold. Divine The Purpose Talent will now be available for all Paladins to choose within the talent tree. Holy Avenger and Seraphim talents will focus on the creation and use in the realm of Holy Power for Paladins.