It will affect how quickly the indicator appears

  • A new feature for NBA 2K MT allows you to find out how quickly or slowly the shot counter appears provided you've enabled it. There are four permutations available in the Controller Settings which include Very Early, Very Early, Late And Very Late. While playing around with this option does not affect the animations in your jump shots, it will affect how quickly the indicator appears. Personally, we enjoy it to be Very Early.

    As the meter appears just after you press the button, and it provides an additional milliseconds to adjust your release time, however, if you're continually undercooking shots, you may want to go with to release very Late and somewhere around between. The best method to determine what is most effective for you is to practice with your favorite players in 2KU.

    In default, your Defensive Assist Strength will be at 50 within the controller Settings. This feature attempts to predict the direction of your adversaries you're trying to protect, but we're not convinced that it's too in some instances to be aggressive. It is possible to turn off this feature completely if you're confident in your own abilities on the sticks, but we'd suggest leaving it on a little less, to ensure that you have some magnetism to keep you ahead of your rivals. Again, spend some time with 2KU to discover what works for you. Personally, we believe that 25 is the ideal number.

    There's nothing worse in NBA 2K23 than seeing a unintentionally kicking at the incorrect player. In Controller Settings, you can modify the Pass Target Profile. This is weighed by a trio of different information points: Pass Target Direction, Target Distance, and Pass Target Distance, and Pass Target openness.

    There's a profile available that puts passing a tick further toward openness in comparison to the default setting which we have found to be the most effective option, but you are free to tweak further and find what does the best job for you with NBA 2K MT Coins. You can also lead one of your teammates into open space by holding Circle in the middle, and when you select Full Receiver Control within the Receiver Control option you'll actually be able, manually, to reposition your teammate while holding that button.