Technology of High-Temperature Rapid Rolling

  • In the production of ordinary steel rolling enterprises, continuous casting billets are used. During continuous casting and rolling, because the temperature of constant casting billets is very high, it is not recommended to use traditional heating technology. It will increase the oxidative burning loss, and the oxide scale will increase significantly, resulting in coarse grains, and even overheating or overburning. Since the temperature of the continuous casting slab itself is relatively high, the limitation of thermal stress on the heating speed can be ignored, and the Technology of High-Temperature Rapid Rolling can be used for continuous casting and rolling.

    The technology of High-Temperature Rapid Rolling means that the billet will be heated at a high temperature as soon as it enters the heating furnace. The heating billet is rapidly heated at the maximum possible radiation temperature, which further shortens the billet heating time and furnace length, and at the same time can further improve the heating quality and reduce the oxidation burning loss rate, and then the billet is rolled.

    Generally, when heating a Regenerative furnace, the furnace does not have a preheating section. As soon as the continuous casting billet enters the heating furnace, it is directly heated at a high temperature, generally above 700 °C, and the furnace temperature in the high-temperature zone of the heating furnace can reach above 1200 °C. The heating speed can be greatly accelerated, and the output per hour is greatly improved. When the output is increased, the heating capacity is no longer a weak link, because the rolling mill can realize high-temperature rapid rolling, improve the production capacity, and at the same time, the heating quality is greatly improved, and the oxidation burning loss is greatly improved. reduce, the energy saving effect is obvious.

    The Technology of High-Temperature Rapid Rolling of Regenerative heating furnace + hot charging is an optimal partner for continuous casting billet production. It can be reduced by 25~30%, and 15% of energy can be saved when 60% hot-loading. Therefore, fast-rolling technology can improve heating quality, reduce energy consumption, and improve productivity. At the same time, for the rolling of high alloys, the crack defects caused by the thermal stress of the temperature difference can also be effectively suppressed.

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