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  • Within the confines of Elden Ring, there are a total of four Churches of Marika to be found. Investigating the ruins of these churches can be done in the following order: in Limgrave, on the Altus Plateau, and atop the Mountaintops of the Giants. This location is located within Elden Ring; more specifically, it is a part of that community's Elden Ring neighborhood.


    Limgrave is the location of the Third Church of Marika, so finding your way there should not be too challenging when you first begin playing the game because Limgrave is where the church is located. This location contains every one of these components. One of the things, which is known as a Sacred Tear, is an item that is an absolute necessity to have because it can increase the effectiveness of a Sacred Flask. This is one of the reasons why it is one of the things that you must have.


    The specific location of the Third Church of Marika, as well as the necessary directions to get there from wherever you are.


    • Limgrave is the location of the Third Church of Marika, and more specifically, it is located in the area of Limgrave that is referred to as Mistwood

    • In the forest to the north of the Mistwood Minor Erdtree and the other trees that are located in the immediate area, you will find it

    • This is because the church does not occupy a location in Limgrave that is particularly isolated from the rest of the city

    If you want to talk to Kenneth Height, the best way to do so is to approach the church from the eastern side because that is where he will be waiting for you when you arrive. If you approach the church from the western side, you will have to walk around to the eastern side to find him. These adversaries are not to be taken seriously at all.

    On the main road that runs along the side of Mistwood, which is situated to the south of the Summonwater Falls, you will find the Third Church of Marika. Guests who visit this particular Church of Marika will have the opportunity, if they so desire, to leave with not only a Sacred Tear but also a Flask of Wondrous Physick and a Crimson Crystal Tear in addition to the Sacred Tear that they already possess. This will be available to them in addition to the Sacred Tear that they already possess. You not only have the potential to obtain a Sacred Tear, but now you also have the chance to take advantage of this opportunity. These two items are also dispersed throughout the various Churches of Marika that the player is free to investigate and can be found in a number of different locations. You have been given the mission to travel to the area that is located to the north of the church and scale some rocks in order to eliminate a Scarab that is protecting an Ash of War - Sacred Blade.

    That Which May Be Acquired Provided That Effort is Made to Obtain It

    It is strongly suggested that the area known as the Site of Grace be the very first place that is investigated as a possible location for the missing people. If you look in front of the statue that depicts Marika, you should be able to find a Sacred Tear. It is possible to use this tear to increase the power of a Sacred Flask, which can be found always in the altars of the various churches that come together to form the Elden Ring runes.

    In addition to that, there will be a bottle of wondrous physic resting on the grand piano right next to the altar. This will be the final step before the ceremony begins. This will be the last part of the ceremony to be completed. If any of the Tarnished use it, they will be taken to the Bestial Sanctum, which is located in Caelid. This destination can be found in the world of Caelid. They will have the opportunity to start their quest there to collect Deathroot in exchange for a variety of rewards by speaking with Gurranq, who is the Beast Clergyman. This conversation will take place there. It is possible for the players to initiate the quest for Deathroot right here in this area, even if they haven't yet had the opportunity to talk to D, Hunter of the Dead. This is because the quest can be initiated even if they are in this area. This is due to the fact that in order to complete the quest, the players are required to collect some Deathroot. In addition, you will have the opportunity to acquire both a flask of wondrous physick and a link to the interactive map of the Elden Ring while you are in this location.

    They will be found lying in front of the statue in this position, with their backs turned to the statue in which they were discovered. Elden Ring items (see more) Map Link. This is a one-time opportunity that can only be taken advantage of once throughout the entirety of the game.

    Instructional Outline that Includes Step-by-Step Guidance on How to Successfully Complete the Third Church of Marika

    The fact that getting there is not in and of itself a particularly difficult task is not the most difficult obstacle you will have to overcome; rather, the most difficult obstacle you will have to overcome is making sure that you reach your destination in one piece and without being injured. In order to avoid being killed, keep your distance from the Kaiden Sellswords and the Troll-drawn carriage convoy that travels along the road to the southeast of the Gatefront Ruins. If you are careful to follow those instructions, you shouldn't run into any problems along the way. A second Troll can be found further up the road, to the west of the church. He can be approached if you travel in that direction.

    The Third Church of Marika Site of Valor can be activated as soon as you have entered the location of the Third Church of Marika. After you have completed those steps, continue to the east until you find a bowl that holds the Flask of Wondrous Physick inside of it. It can be refilled in the same manner as the Flask of Crimson Tears or the Flask of Cerulean Tears, but its effects can be changed by mixing different Crystal Tears while you are unwinding at a Site of Grace (select the Mix Wondrous Physick option). This option is available when you select the Mix Wondrous Physick option.

    You can acquire a Sacred Tear, which is relevant to this topic, by scaling the statue that is situated to the north of where you are currently standing. This will allow you to reach the top of the statue. This tear will allow you to improve your Flask of Crimson Tears or your Flask of Cerulean Tears by increasing the amount of HP or FP that they heal. You can do this by using the tear in either flask. This can be accomplished by using the tear from either of the flasks. When everything is taken into account, the Third Church of Marika is a relatively straightforward early-game location to explore.