My previous involvement with the Elden Ring as well as how I ca

  • When a player engages in play of a game that contains content, they have an experience that is highly unique to themselves. Even though we always bring at least a little bit of ourselves to the experience of reading a book, watching a movie, or listening to an album, the fundamental text of these mediums is never altered in any way. This is true whether we are reading a book, watching a movie, or listening to an album. Unless, of course, you make the decision to rip a novel to shreds and then reassemble the pages in a completely illogical order, or something along those lines. It wasn't until I saw a message on Twitter asking for assistance with  that I made the decision to actually do something about it. This individual had messed up their save game for the Elden Ring items, which I will refer to as Sellen because they asked to remain anonymous and it was the first name of an NPC that came to mind. Sellen was the name of an NPC. They will be referred to as Sellen by me. They were in a state of extreme anguish because, despite their best efforts to avoid doing so, they had unintentionally resulted in the death of a non-player character (NPC).



    This had occurred despite the fact that they had tried their best to prevent this from happening.


    • Sellen was willing to pay someone to recreate their buy Elden Ring items save, but before he did so, he wanted to make sure that poor Jar Bairn would not be put in danger while the save was being recreated

    • This makes perfect sense to me, especially taking into account the fact that young JB is such a charming and thought-provoking representation of Elden Ring's fascinating pot people

    • I have no trouble understanding why this is the case

    • Because I was interested in the challenge that was presented by recreating their save, I accepted the strangest commission that my freelancing career had to offer up to that point in order to take it on

    • I was able to do this because I had a strong work ethic

    To tell you the truth, this wasn't the first time I'd used someone else's save file to play a video game; to be completely forthright, it wasn't even the second. When I was younger, I frequently shared my save files with my siblings. This was either because there was only one save slot on the cartridge for Pokémon or because I steadfastly refused to buy more than one VMU for the Dreamcast. This was due to the fact that the Pokémon game cartridge only featured a single save slot. Instead of jumping into Legend of Zelda to help my sister with a difficult section or tricking my brother into grinding on my Phantasy Star Online character for me (which, now that I think about it, is probably some kind of child labor violation), I was heading blindly into the save file of a complete and utter stranger. I had no idea what I was going to find in there. I had no idea what was going to take place once I arrived at the location. On top of that, I wasn't just there for fun; in order to recreate the previous state of the game, I needed to take notes on every aspect of how it is being played right now.

    I will use these notes to recreate the previous state of the game. It made more sense to start with the responsibilities that were less complicated to begin with. In addition to taking screenshots of the character sheet and the visual customization sliders, I also compiled a list of the particularly noteworthy or one-of-a-kind items that had been accumulated over the course of the game. This was done after first taking screenshots of the character sheet and the visual customization sliders.

    Before I ventured out into the proper Lands Between, I flipped the screen so that it was facing the map so that I could take some screenshots for future reference. This allowed me to leave the safety of the Hold and venture out into the Lands Between. It was essential for me to finish all of the same waypoints because it is an essential part of the game to discover new areas and to unlock waypoints that you have previously been unable to access. Because of this, it was essential for me to finish all of the same waypoints. I was aware that they had traveled a distance sufficient to reach Jarburg to the north, but I had no idea that they had gone all the way to the southernmost point of the Peninsula and deep enough into Caelid to find Redmane Castle! I was surprised to learn this information. When I first learned about this, it took me by surprise. These regions were all either difficult to locate, located at a significant distance from the starting zone, infested with hostile adversaries, or a combination of all three of these features. They might not have been the most powerful warriors, but there's no denying that they were exceptional explorers!

    As we raced around the map, the differences in our individual life experiences became even more glaringly apparent. After I had completed the game once, I went back and revisited Limgrave. This time around, I was able to investigate parts of the town that I hadn't even been aware of during my first run through the game. I came across these unexplored regions. I was able to see the game from the perspective of a different player while I was aimlessly navigating the world for two or three hours while I was stuck in the middle of the game. Obviously, actually carrying out each of these investigations constituted the bulk of the work that needed to be done.

    When I started a new game, I brought a lengthy document with me that contained a list of items I needed to buy as well as screenshots from the game I had just finished playing. After rushing through the beginning area, it became immediately obvious that the difficulty would not lie in acquiring the necessary items, spells, and Sites of Grace in a timely manner. Instead, the difficulty would lie in overcoming the obstacles presented by the beginning area itself. The challenge, rather, would be in overcoming the obstacles that were presented by the beginning area itself. Rather, the challenging aspect was keeping myself from engaging in activities that I knew I shouldn't have been doing. It didn't take me long to get to the required level, and because leveling up is an intentional process, all I needed to do to make sure I didn't do it on autopilot after I had done it the first time was remind myself not to do it that way. Getting to the required level didn't take me very long. Regularly consulting the screenshots I had taken of my maps was a requirement for completing some truly epic journeys. Without them, I would not have been able to succeed.

    My objective was to make it appear as though the save file belonged to Sellen so that I would not give them an advantage that was more beneficial to them than they deserved. I did this so that I could avoid giving them an unfair advantage. Despite the fact that I had already completed the game three or four times by this point, my knowledge of the locations where each and every item could be found was not even close to being complete. Not grabbing everything that isn't nailed down isn't something that comes naturally to the veteran gamer, and I've had more than one brief "Oh crap!" moment when I thought I'd inadvertently taken something that I wasn't supposed to have grabbed. This is because not grabbing everything that isn't nailed down isn't something that comes naturally to the veteran gamer. The seasoned gamer will not do this without conscious effort because it is not something that comes naturally to them. Because this is not something that comes naturally to them, the experienced gamer will not be able to do this without making an effort to do so.

    The aspect of our unusual journey that surprised me the most was the fact that Sellen and their partner had played the game in a way that was completely different from the way I had played it. To the extent that they did, I never in my wildest dreams would have considered doing something as simple as running around and taking in the sights. But they did it. After forming an emotional investment in the result of a competition, it is inconceivable to me that I would be able to play a game for such a short amount of time after having formed such an attachment to the result of the game. It is helpful to be reminded that the various approaches to playing and enjoying games are equally valid and significant. This is because there are many different ways to play and enjoy games. This is due to the fact that one can play and enjoy games in a variety of different ways. The act of playing games and having fun with them can be accomplished in an extremely wide range of different ways.