My Attempts to Get Ready for the Roles of Scout and Machinist i

  • The 18th of September has now arrived, and it is time for the scouts to show up. We are going to have scouts and clowns, in addition to everything else that we want to try today and share with you. How are we going to make an effort to get ready to release the scouts? So, what exactly is it that we require?


    Therefore, my friend was extremely cruel in sending me this picture. As is customary for me, I will venture a guess and say that you need to go from 1370 to 1445. The reason that we are going to 1445 is because we have five characters ready for the cuckoo, and we have one character ready to replace my maniac. This allows us to move forward with the story. We want to place my scout in his position so that we can give the scout the opportunity to occupy this position just like my other six main characters. We want him to reach the same item level as soon as possible so that he can get more Lost Ark 1445 Gear Guide or something, and in order to do that, we need approximately 11 million silver, 50,000 gold, and 455,000 pieces of honor. We have him now. The 2K basic array consists of 36000 shattered pieces, 11000 broken guardian stones, and 3000 great honors, with a total of only 13 from 1370 to 14 of each.

    45, with the years 1302 to 1370 omitted. So, we just wanted to talk about some things that we are doing; however, this is the first thing that is challenging to accomplish because everyone knows that the cost of blue crystal is extremely high. Holy cow, when we left off yesterday, they had already earned 1500 gold. In any event, these honor fragment bags can be purchased at Mary's shop. There are a total of 300 crystals, and there are only 291 of these. Even if you convert the honor fragment bags you buy from the market into gold, the price of these items will be approximately fifty pounds less expensive if you purchase them from the maritime shop as the market price continues to rise. Therefore, we have been making use of my Lost Ark Bid Rewards to purchase a large quantity of them.

    Up to this point, we have purchased ten pieces, and each one cost approximately 30,000 pieces of honor fragments. This brings our total to approximately 300,000 pieces of honor pieces. Despite this, we still want to purchase some more after each weekly reset. There are still some Argos buses in our fleet, but we don't operate them. We are able to purchase some, and we are making an effort to purchase a large quantity of fragments because we believe that fragments will become one of the most challenging parts or focuses. Silver is the other thing that we need right now, and thankfully we have it. We still have one week left, and Mahalaka gives us two million silver every week, so between my raids with the chaotic dungeon guard and all the other things, we should be able to amass enough silver. Hmm, mats and silver. We now have 70.000 guard stone crystals in our possession.


    Destruction of stone crystals is a result of our laziness


    • We have been guarding my abyss, which is located within my challenge abyss box

    • In addition, we have these grinding debris selection boxes, which contain honor fragments

    • Hmmm, there are some additional pieces that need to be purchased from us

    • We also have the option to purchase a PVP store as well as a Pirate store

    • It is possible that this character will bring me 10,000 or 15,000 pieces of honor pieces in addition to some additional leap stones when they appear

    • But because we haven't had any flow in the past two days, we are going to make an effort to create as many chaotic dungeons as we possibly can

    We are both in a bad mood due to the excruciating pain in my back, but we are keeping our fingers crossed that it will go away soon. It won't take long for us to get back to this location to stream media, but before the 28th, our primary objective is to collect at least 10,000 or 20,000 pieces of destructive stone. WefWe should be able to accomplish this given that we have already cleared all of my chaotic dungeons and guard raids. No problem.

    We anticipate that the time of fever will also afford us the opportunity to pick through some frosted debris boxes. Perhaps after the release, but if you are watching this, we've heard that the fact that these 20 books have been bugged is also an interesting fact that you should know. They are not usable because doing so would actually extend their validity; consequently, their expiration date is typically set at 28 microns. However, we do not know how long they will be extended for or when they will take effect. However, rox has been discussed on the forum; therefore, if you still have some, you might be in luck because even though we intend to give them to the scouts, we have some left over.

    Since we intend to hand them over to him, we believe that our primary objective at this point should be to work toward becoming a low-paid dungeon in order to accumulate as much silver as possible. We are not overly concerned about gold because 50,000 Lost Ark Vykas Phase 3 is not an insurmountable sum for me, provided that We do not make any purchases. In most cases, we are able to generate a significant amount of revenue for my army raids and argos buses. This is something we do once a week. This, of course, does not take into account the possibility that we will obtain an excellent legend book, respectable jewelry, or another item that we can sell.

    In an ideal world, we would like to keep all of these things. To tell you the truth, what we have been doing is getting ready, but one of my friends is hitting his weapon to +20 at a time, and another of my friends has knocked his weapon to +20. Therefore, we thought, "oh, of course, because my artillery sympathizes with his weapon to 19, he will hit 20 at a time, right? We are sorry for him to 20," and that was our train of thought. On the screen there will be a screenshot of the current situation. Wet's terrible.

    I can't believe it. We are sorry to inform you that none of the ten thousand pieces of destructive stones and crystals that we had are left. There were four hundred significant honors, but each one has been claimed. This is not the best course of action.

    We do not believe that we will sympathize with you, but we have tried everything. What we have been doing is that we have been researching precious stones, and we have been attempting to get my character to set gemwise in preparation for the release of cuckoo. Additionally, we have been attempting to carry out at least six levels of cooling and seven levels of cooling in preparation for my annihilation. After the artillery balance patch, one of the skills that we will need to use is planetary gravity explosions, and here we have levels six and seven of those explosions. We don't want to do this to re launch the seventh level, if you understand what we mean. So ideally, we can put it here because it will replace multiple rocket launchers, and the two that will be replaced here are here and here. So we hope that the balance patch will be able to be released on the 28th. We only need to add a few more levels because gems become very expensive, so we're working on equipping my character with gems while we wait for those levels to become available. As of right now, we are thinking that for scouts, we will attempt to get two levels of seven, possibly two levels of six, or something like that.

    We must first experience total annihilation, and then complete cooling. In the beginning, we will make an effort to conduct deformation detection, and then we will transition into a state in which there is no deformation later. We still have a long way to go once we have more tripods and other similar equipment, but we are hopeful that we will be able to make it before the reconnaissance report is made public. If you are attempting to get ready, perhaps this will be helpful.