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  • Kindly keep in mind that the Public Test Realm (PTR) contains each and every one of these details in their entirety. Because of this, some of the particulars may change in a few places here and there, but in general, the content that we share in the content should be very close to what occurred on the day that the event was actually released. However, in order to make better use of the time that we have, let's jump right to the beginning of this section. Since this section reveals that Etnam is home to a number of monsters, the next step is to investigate how these monsters came to be cursed so recently.



    You have the option of either going directly to the map and scrolling a little bit until you find a similar icon here, which is the rise of Belfazu, so this is the position of the world leader, or you have the option of either helping us defeat the world leader by increasing the number of people who are participating in this effort. We will get a clearer picture of the appearance of the world leader if we are able to get closer to him and examine him from a variety of perspectives. Given that there is a significant ominous cloud in the sky and that we are able to see it, I am able to deduce that we are now getting closer to the other members of my team. In this particular scenario, we are Weaver supporters. Let's hold off making any decisions until we are physically closer to one another and see what happens. Because there are hordes of smaller pumpkin monsters all around, and a larger monster in the middle, which is the boss of the open world, the battle is going to go on for a very long time.

    It's possible that we should wait around here for a little while longer, make an effort to recruit more people, and then proceed to charge in and get a real feel for the battle after we've done that. Now that we have your attention, let's not squander any more of it and get down to business. In total, there are somewhere between ten and fifteen of us here. When you die, the heads of those you have killed will fall off, leaving you with a pumpkin for a head instead of your own.

    You have the option of picking it up and tossing it to the person who is in charge of the world. At that time, four thousand damned pumpkin heads picked it up and threw it once again, but this time they threw it for a distance of four thousand and five hundred. When we say that each of these heads causes between 4,500 New World US East Pyrallis Coins and 6,500 damage, what we really mean is that we've observed that this is the case.

    Taking into account the fact that you are aware that a minor attack carried out at close range will not cause as much damage as a pumpkin head, it will most certainly be of assistance to you. We are going to keep moving forward until the very end of the battle in order to provide you with plenty of time to take a look at the rewards that are waiting for you if you are successful in defeating the world boss. You can clearly see that we are drawing perilously close to putting an end to this person's life. It's possible that there are quite a few people here, and whatever we're doing is going to take some time. We have an estimate that we have been doing it for the past ten minutes; therefore, let's keep going and see what takes place when we are finally successful in killing him.

    He went, we finished the mission, he made a cool animation project there, it will explode, cool, so now that we have a mission project, let's continue to jump back to the NPC and find out what we can get now that we are back in the city. By doing things in this way, we are able to accumulate cash. WefWe decide to give it our all, and as a result, we are successful in acquiring the tokens of Nightfall Valley. Moving forward, we are going to start by opening the cache. Because this is a sword, we've been informed that blades just like this one look very impressive. As a consequence of this, when we had finished this task, we were extremely happy with the results that these had produced. We are going to proceed with the assumption that you are already familiar with its outward manifestation. If these had a cool appearance, similar to how each weapon can be used in a variety of modes, that would be awesome. We will continue to obtain a great sword and an X1 level sword, but if we keep rolling down, we will find a cool skin that appears to be a good helmet skin, and then we will find a Jack Rome skin, in addition to some other options that appear to be cool.

    The little pumpkin people can decide whether or not to make use of it as a piece of furniture in their dwelling by choosing to do so. It seems like they are quite interesting people as well. Therefore, as of right now, we do in fact possess a number of these various activity modes. Let's give this great sword a closer look, and see what we can do with Buy New World US West Midian Coins (website link), so that we can see that it has a really cool appearance. This will require us to examine it more carefully.

    It won't make a difference which scroll you use because the outcome will be the same either way. Because of this, even if you use a green scroll, Wet will continue to be locked onto the cane, and regardless of the circumstances, you will always have an interest in your weapons. The most intriguing aspect is that when we carefully examine the actual allowance pools of these various um recipes, for example, you are aware that we are looking at the big axe here, and we scroll down. This is one of the things that makes this the most intriguing aspect. This is the aspect that has the most potential to surprise you. It is possible for us to see that the refresh movement has an extremely high probability of rolling here, almost 4%, which is significantly higher than the typical rolling probability, which is approximately 2% or less. This is something that we are able to see. We are relieved to see that the number of strong footholds that can be relied upon is relatively low. Another interesting occurrence is the fact that defeat is not included on this list; as a result, if you want to, this indicates that you should roll the best possible slot crate.

    Do not roll a 600-foot reel because there is no room for any additional allowance on it

    - This is the action that needs to take place

    - Instead, you will need to obtain a green reel, organize all of your materials, and then place the reel inside of the block hit production module, which will ensure that you hit the block and keep New World US West El Dorado Gold

    - This is one additional allowance, followed by two more allowances

    - After that, your only option is to basically pray that the third bonus at 600 will be a refresh when you reach that level

    - Now, keep in mind that the total number of these extremely large axes that can be found in the game will increase to 700,000, and there will be 1

    Because of this, we believe that the total price of level axes of this kind will drop by a sizeable amount if you have one in your possession. If you don't already have one, I wouldn't recommend going out and buying one. If I'm being completely honest with you, it seems like a very interesting topic.