When will the LOST ARK gold Female Berserker be available for p

  • The Female Berserker class in The Lost Ark gold  is one of the most requested classes in the entire game. Hordes of players want to test out the damage-dealing tank, but they don't want to have to play an overly muscled male character. The fact that most of the classes in Lost Ark are gender-bound is something that many players still find to be baffling, despite the fact that these classes all originate from a small number of archetypes. However, Smilegate has confirmed that they are working on the Lost Ark Female Berserker, so you should take a look at when it is possible for it to be released.





    • The Berserker is one of the classes that was available from the very beginning of the game

    • It gives players the ability to play the traditional barbarian role, which in many fantasy games means they can deal a lot of damage in close range and also take a lot of hits without taking much damage themselves

    • It is a class that places a strong emphasis on getting up close and personal with the enemy in order to trade hits, and one of the primary abilities grants you increased damage potential the more hits you take

    At the moment, the class is only available to males because that is how barbarians are typically portrayed in popular culture. However, many players have been requesting a female Berserker for a considerable amount of time now. It is not as simple as allowing players to select a female character as an alternative; this would require completely new models, animations, and armors to be created.


    Fortunately, Smilegate has been paying attention to the requests that have been made by fans, and during the 2021 Winter Festival, a Female Berserker was finally teased. Even though we do not yet have a specific date for the Female Berserker's introduction to the Korean version, it is anticipated that she will do so sometime in the year 2022. If the plan is still to release it in 2022, Korean players shouldn't have too much longer of a wait at this point given that the year only has a few months left.

    If you are reading this article, it is highly likely that you play the Western version of Lost Ark Craft Materials rather than the Korean version. However, due to the fact that the Korean version is more advanced in terms of content and updates, it is highly unlikely that a Female Berserker will be released until at least 2023 at the earliest. When the game is finally made available to the public, players won't be required to use a Female Berserker throughout the entirety of the experience because of a feature called Lost Ark Vykas Raid Guide Powerpass.

    Our analysis of the Lost Ark Female Berserker has come to an end, and you should have a good idea by now of when it will likely become available in western regions.

    Anyone who wants to complete their collection of sheet music will need to obtain The Lost Ark Requiem of Twilight because it is one of the most coveted songs in the game. The music from Lost Ark can be put to a variety of different uses, ranging from facilitating the completion of certain quests to boosting your Rapport with certain non-player characters. It may be challenging to find all of the sheet music, but the journey across Arkesia will be well worth it, so find out how to get the Lost Ark Requiem of Twilight.


    Once you have obtained The Lost Ark Requiem of Twilight, it is a piece of sheet music that, once played, will allow you to play a particular song on one of the instruments that you have available to you. Because of how effective it is at building Lost Ark Rapport with a multitude of characters, it is one of the most sought-after pieces of music in the game. Because of how effective it is, it is also a valuable way to earn even more items from characters, which can increase your item level and wealth.

    Once you have the song, you can access the music menu by pressing the F2 key on your keyboard. This will allow you to play the song. Scroll down until you locate "Requiem of Twilight," then click the Play button. After that, you will begin playing a tune on your instrument for other players and NPCs who are in the immediate area.

    Location of the Lost Ark in the Requiem for Twilight

    To begin the end-game content of Lost Ark, which is required to obtain the sheet music for Requiem of Twilight, you will first need to advance your character to level 50. You will need to make your way to Lost Ark Glavier Class  Tranquil Isle, which can be found in the far northeastern corner of the world map, very far to the east of Feiton.

    Once you have reached the island, you will need to locate a non-player character known as Father Diruth in order to begin the Island of Eternal Rest quest. Once you have begun the quest, you will advance through it by placing lilies on various gravestones. After turning in the quest, the "Requiem of Twilight" sheet music will be presented to you as a gift, and you will be able to immediately begin playing music to your heart's content.


    The Lost Ark Tranquil isle is a timed island, which means that it is one of the islands that will only appear at specific times based on a randomized schedule that will be different every day. Players can participate in a wide variety of quests, activities, and other content on the islands of Lost Ark in order to advance their item levels and acquire new loot. They are an essential component of the end-game, and you will be required to travel to a good number of them as part of the grinding process. Therefore, you should look into how to locate Lost Ark Tranquil Isle and compete in it.


    You can find Tranquil Isle in the north-western part of the world map. It is situated very far to the east of the Feiton continent, but just before you reach the ocean that is located between Shushire and North Vern. It can be found in the middle of some dangerous waters just to the west of the Lost Ark Valtan Set (shop now) Asura Island and to the north of the  Monte Island. Because of this, you should ensure that your ship is prepared to withstand the damage.

    Because it is an adventure island, it will only spawn at specific times during the week. Because of this, you will need to check the Procyon's Compass by clicking the icon that is located below the minimap. This will provide you with a timer that will tell you when it will spawn. In order to access the end-game content, players will need to have an equipped item level of 250. This means that you will need to complete the end-game content first.


    When all of the players have reached the island, a timer will start counting down the remaining three minutes until the beginning of the cooperative quest. It is recommended that you speak with the NPC known as Father Diruth before continuing with this step, as the reward for completing this quest is a song known as Requiem of Twilight, which is required for obtaining the Island Token.

    After you have completed this quest and the cooperative quest has begun, you should make your way to the middle of the island, where the large tree is located. In order to call forth the Specter Lord as the boss, players will need to play the song that is located next to the tree. Only a small number of players should sing the song at once because enemies will appear that can interrupt the song animation, and some players will need to deal with these enemies at the same time as they sing the song.

    After the Specter Lord has been defeated, there is a possibility that he will drop the Tranquil Island Token. Players should direct their attention to the Specter Lord as soon as he spawns. Because of the random number generator (RNG), it's possible that you'll need to complete this quest multiple times before moving on. It is also possible to obtain an Island Token by killing Elite Monsters that attack players while they are playing the song, though this is a much less common way to obtain one.

    Our walkthrough for acquiring the Island Token for Lost Ark Tranquil Isle has come to an end, and you should now be able to locate the island and complete its associated quests.