A Comprehensive Guide in Addition to an Informative Cheat Sheet

  • Second, hookusero makes use of a crazy meter, which is comparable to the vikas meter but is not the same as it, as will be demonstrated in the following paragraphs. This is because the crazy meter was inspired by the vikas meter. When there is a distance of more than fifty meters between the two objects, laser emission will take place. You will be returned to your previous form and the boss will receive an increase in armor gain when you are turned into a puppet; however, pressing q will cancel out this effect and return you to your previous form. You can take advantage of these opportunities regardless of whether or not you take part in army raids. Due to the fact that the boss is immobile when the yellow rain is falling—the best time to fight him—the maximum possible level for the bar is approximately 130. This is because the yellow rain is the best time to fight him. While you have the purple shield equipped, buy Lost Ark gold is not recommended that you use the interlacing skill. You should move so that you are on the opposite side of the map from the purple shield that is active at the moment. You need to aim for somewhere in the neighborhood of 110 bars. The fundamental actions that come at the beginning of the cardiac mechanics process


    Because the fake clown will appear in one of these four corners at each of these times, you need to make sure that every corner is covered at 1:00, 5:00, 7:00, and 11:00. These are the times when the clown will appear. If all of the members of the team notice three hearts and a finger gun, then all of the members of the Party are required to turn around and face the corner that does not contain a heart.

    As a direct result of this fact, it is the responsibility of every player, whenever they use the finger gun, to successfully hit a corner at that location. Following the activation of the mechanism, each player will experience a metamorphosis into a clown puppet, and Simon will explain that a card symbol will be superimposed on the top of their heads at that time. In addition to this, as skills that have been assigned to you, you will be given the ability to use four expressions that are completely arbitrary.

    A mechanism for staggered disconnection takes place somewhere around 65 bars that is identical to the one that takes place at 130 bars. This mechanism occurs at the same time. Because skills like huge interlacing and spinning grenades reflect all of the damage that is dealt to you, you should avoid using purple shield skills when using skills like these. The game will be played a total of three times, and after each turn of the wheel, the card symbols that you have been given will be reshuffled. This is done to ensure that each player has an equal chance of winning the game. You have until one, five, seven, or eleven o'clock to arrive at the location, depending on which corner has been pre-designated for you to go to. Either pay attention to your heart or your finger gun if it is not too much trouble for you; I would appreciate it. If it is not too much trouble for you.

    There does not appear to be a single thing that is pink anywhere in sight. The word "wet" can also be spelled with the letter "dice."The boss will then pull a dice out of his hand and toss it into the air while simultaneously calling out the card symbol very much. While this is happening, the card symbol will be called out. In the event that this transpires, the remaining three players have complete discretion over how they wish to move the variant of variant 1 card. After that, all of the players who are a part of the mechanic need to make sure that they are standing on a horizontal line that is a considerable distance from the boss. Following the heart in importance in this particular scenario is the ruby, which appears in the form of the red diamond because of the aforementioned reason. One player is held captive in the first variation of the Wen board game, while the remaining three players take turns controlling the boss and attempting to shoot four cards bearing symbols at the player who is held captive. This indicates that the first two cards, regardless of the suit they are, will always be either a black stick or a black spade.

    This is true even if the first card is a different suit. It is guaranteed that the third and fourth cards will always go together. The fact that they are all aiming their fire at the player who is currently confined is the primary reason why the


    Should this not be completed in the manner specified, the team will be deemed ineligible for the competition


    • This suggests that he will make a beeline for the second ball as quickly as humanly possible

    • After the blue's attempt to counterattack was unsuccessful, he will spend a brief amount of time following the player he was defending against, and then he will leap to a number of simple secondary position mechanisms

    • This will occur after he has spent some time following the player he was defending against

    • You just need to make sure that you are standing in the right spot so that the symbol on your head corresponds to the symbol that is on the ground in front of you

    • On one of the arena's sides, you'll find the doorway that gives access to the kindling tower

    • After this, the manager will examine the cap, and then they will transport it to a location that has not been decided upon as of yet

    The concealed pigeons will attack any other birds that come within close range of their melee attack while remaining safe next to him. This is because their attack is close range. The manager throws a few balls into the air to start a game of juggling, and when the game is over, the balls fly into the air. In addition to that, he created a voice line in which he commented on the cards as they were being played. This cheap Lost Ark Gold was accomplished while playing the game.