last year EA changed the way OTW cards

  • last year EA changed the FIFA 23 Coins way OTW cards work by adding the "Wins to Watch' feature. Since this is a (weird) World Cup year, FIFA 23's Ones to Watch cards could also be upgraded to an 'Nations To Watch' upgrade.

    These gamers who are part of Serie A are the highest rated players in the league. As such, it is important to pay attention to these players, when choosing teams.

    Serie A is the highest level of football in Italy. It is comprised of 20 teams, each with its own goals that they strive to accomplish at the finish of the season. Recently the standard of the league has deteriorated however that hasn't stopped new players from joining teams.

    With the league's new season kicking off only a few months ago, the fans are hoping that the teams they love will get their share of the fame. Seria A fans who want to elevate their game to the next degree can always check out playing EA's FIFA 23, which has the latest ratings for the players. Just like every new FIFA game everyone's eyes are on the players with the highest ratings from the league.

    Wojciech Szczesny has been the first-choice goalkeeper for Juventus for a long time. He joined the club in 2017 In that year he earned the title of being among the best goalie players in Serie A.

    Sadly, each of Szczesny and Juventus are in a phase of decline. In the nine seasons in succession however, they've been outside the top three in the last two seasons. Despite his shaky performance, his rating has only decreased by one point. This means that during FIFA 23 his card is assessed at 86.

    There was a lot of speculation surrounding Skriniar's next club this summer, including Paris Saint Germain looking the most likely to lure the Slovakian to the French League. But the plan hasn't come to buy FUT 23 Coins fruition, and Skriniar is trying for a chance to win back the top position on the list.