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  • "We aren't putting together anything like the D2R Items one we have. The way the story is told differs from title to title, which means the HD-2D experience will differ slightly each time. With Live A Live for example it's the prehistoric setting that's different. prehistoric area will differ from the sci-fi scenario.

    Our expression options have expanded thanks to the latest ideas we've conceived. "While the cost may be prohibitive for certain developers, HD-2D clearly worked as a selling point for many gamers. We hope to observe Square Enix find new ways to improve the design and create more games to come!

    Are you a fan Square Enix's HD-2D gaming? What game do you wish to see remade in this manner? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below or post your thoughts on Twitter by using the hashtag @Marcdachamp. talk all things gaming!Sony Reveals Plan to End the PS4Sony it's planning to close down it's PlayStation 4.

    First released back in 2013 in 2013, the PS4 has become not only one Sony's most successful consoles but it's also one of the most successful video game platforms ever.

    Despite this, Sony is now looking to sell the PS5 as its main hardware, meaning that the PS4 is naturally coming to its end. As of now, thanks to new guidelines from Sony it is now possible to get an idea of buy D2R Ladder Items when the PS4 might actually go out of service.