If you're thinking of purchasing it

  • If you're thinking of OSRS gold purchasing it for your self this is the way you'll need to do: Go back into that Heart of Gielinor (aka God Wars Dungeon Two), It's the same scenario, but you'll require the stage eighty level of protection in order to use it. Craft it by methods of methods of combining both the Dormant Anima Core with the Crest of Zamorak.

    Refining the armor set is similar to the Zaros armor set, however is really worth noting that you'll need one essence for the helm, for your body and three on the legs. A minimum of 2,000 Zamorakian popularity is likewise required before you can refine it.

    Using the strength of magic is continually exciting inside Runescape and if you've been given an Anima Core of Seren armor then you're definitely invincible. You want to put it on your self? Here's how to go about it:

    Journey to The Heart of Gielinor. You must put a little time in until you reach stage eighty to protect. Take your Dormant Anima Core with the Crest of Seren to craft it. The specifications for smithing like the buy OSRS GP other armor units, however you'll require 2,000 Seren popularity in your faction before you can begin refining the armor.