It was apparent that the new players

  • A couple of years ago, something odd began to OSRS gold take place in a video game called Old School RuneScape. The game suddenly had a number of new players in the game, and they were all doing things in the same manner. They stayed for hours at a time, repeating the same actions in a loop. In addition to killing green dragons, they were harvesting gold, killing more green dragons as well as collecting gold.

    It was apparent that the new players were gamers call "gold farmers." They were making gold winning the game and then converted this gold from the game into real money by selling it to other players through underground websites. It's been going on for many years and most games have banned it, but the practice continues.

    The main question was what was the reason for suddenly having so many new players entering Old School RuneScape? The answer lay in one single collapsed economy. Venezuela. Rampant hyperinflation was undermining the currency of the nation. And for thousands of Venezuelans the gold from video games was a source of safety.

    Odds are, if you were a child in the early 2000s, with access to online services, then you probably have been playing RuneScape. This early MMORPG was the first to create an online gaming experience that anyone could access on their internet browser.

    Gone are the days when players needed to use Java just to load up their RuneScape character. The last few years have seen this long-running game going mobile, with a brand new game to players who aren't as buy OSRS GP experienced, and even the original Java version for those wanting to revisit it.