The final change we do is reset the game

  • The final change we do is reset the game by Mut 23 coins hitting "X" and left button on the 360, and "Square" as well as "L2" to the PS5. By requesting run and bump coverage prior to the snap , and then resetting the play, our Cornerbacks do not appear to be are going to be bumping receivers any more since they have relocated back to their original positions in the playing field. Even after we reset the play our Cornerbacks continue to apply the bump to receivers, however this time it's slightly delayed.

    The best method to make use of delay bumps and coverage is to take the adjustments right away from the huddle. If you do the adjustments before the defenders set your opponent won't be able to tell that the changes. Cornerbacks advance, thus hindering him from getting the information needed to determine if the defense's bumping is happening or not.

    Another method to hide the run and bump coverage is to utilize the zone defense. In this case we've stepped out of the Dime Cover 3 Zone to try and mix things up. Then, we decide to call bump and cover the outside once more. Our opponent can clearly see our Cornerbacks moving up to the line of scrimmage, to signal that they are bumping. But, we are aware that the Cornerbacks who play the deep zone (dark blue) they are not going to push the receivers away from on the line of scrimmage, no regardless of the pre-snap adjustments.

    This could cause confusion when your opponent is looking for the run and bump coverage to take place, however, the cornerback moves higher than they would expect. The window for throwing could be closed, making the throw earlier than madden 23 coins cheap expected. Your defenders will have the chance of disrupting the pass.