When oil prices started to fall then there was no money

  • A decade earlier, Venezuela, a petrostate under RuneScape Gold the administration of Hugo Chavez, witnessed a collapse in oil prices. 2017 was the year that price of a barrel fell to just $50, down from a record high of over $100 in addition, it was the year that U.S. instituted wide-ranging sanctions against Venezuela's authoritarian government.

    "When oil prices started to fall then there was no money to import the products," said Alejandro Velasco, a professor of New York University who specializes in Venezuelan political issues, in an interview over the phone. "As a result the country was left with no money in the real world for the country's economy."

    Venezuela's coffers were already empty after it spent its most recent oil windfall on social programs like subsidised medical, food, as well as literacy programmes. Chavez also removed perceived dissidents from the oil industry following an attempted military coup altering production.

    And widespread corruption in the government has also hurt the economy, as per Paul Angelo, a fellow at the Council for Foreign Relations who is an expert on Latin American politics.

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