For the purposes of WOTLK Classic,

  • The goal of WOTLK Classic is stunning in scope: Simply put, it hopes to WOTLK Gold re-create the entire second World War in every theater of operation across the globe so that you can hop into combat and join the war in anything from a European hamlet to a Pacific island jungle. All of the major nations will be represented, with equipment and ordnance appropriate to the period of the war being fought at that time. This means that weapons will be introduced along historical lines.

    According to Playnet's Rodney "Hatch" Hodge, "We plan to start with an initial vehicle/weapon set based on the most commonly used by the European combatants in the spring of 1940. From there, we will be adding and refining other items in the first theater, and in the following theaters as the war progresses in both a historical and specialization format as development allows. This will proceed over the next couple of years until all of the different theaters are added and fleshed out. Then we will make successive passes through each time period and theater until most all of the weapons, vehicles, etc. that were used in the war are available for the players to use.

    For the purposes of WOTLK Classic, it would obviously be impractical to simply model the world in an open, continuous fashion and let players drive their Warcraft and fly their aircraft all over the map, since this would resemble WOTLK Classic EverQuest rather than any actual simulation of historical combat. Instead, the game system is based on an interconnected series of "choke points" (CPs) which represent strategic locations that can't be bypassed. CPs can be military facilities or civilian/military complexes and can range from large cities with buy WOW WOTLK Classic Gold factories, airbases, and army bases to a simple infantry barracks.