There are no shortage of incredible young right wingers on

  • He made his introduction against AS Monaco at age 17, but was a regular for Nantes II FUT 23 Coins. This season he has scored two goals in six matches, and a call-up into the senior squad is unavoidable.

    He is guaranteed to score several goals a season and quick, skilful. Due to his lack of first-team experience, Dabo is your least expensive purchase on this listing and may be nabbed for only $650.000. Despite that, his potential is 83 and he'd make for a safe and inexpensive choice for your midfield. Best of allhe can perform attacking midfield, centre midfield, or even on the left wing.So he is a quick, young, versatile midfielder and each team needs some of those. You may expect him to break through in the French League in the following couple of years, and then his value will soar.

    There are no shortage of incredible young right wingers on the planet football with Kylian Mbappe topping the list alongside the likes of Malcolm and Raheem Sterling. He's also known to bag several goals per year.

    Under took the Turkish league by storm, which was he ended-up on the radar of Roma. He made his debut and has been a player in buy FIFA 23 Coins the since, despite being 20 at the time. He's a fascinating, pacy winger in the exact same vein as a Mohammed Salah, an would make a thrilling addition to any squad.Under's overall score sits at a healthy 78 but his potential is in the high 80's, so he's a solid investment, even though his price tag is higher than most.