Manchester City have been looking for a replacement for David S

  • Robertson has been dwindling around 83 while those cats have been rated in the high 80's FIFA 23 Coins. If EA needs FIFA 23 to be taken seriously, then it needs to be fair to players who aren't big names. The defensive capabilities of robertson coupled with his passion and his aids, means he should be much closer to 90 than 80. La Liga is a beast that is odd since it's hard for players to get noticed beyond the top four or so teams. If you do not play for Real Madrid, Barcelona, Athletico Madrid, or Valencia, chances are nobody knows who you are. And if they do you're liable to be playing for a few of those former four teams.

    With that in mind, Frenchman Wissam Ben Yedder revealed last year for Sevilla that he had been among La Liga players. Racking up an incredible 28 goals and over 10 assists, Yedder was a huge reason Sevilla ended as large as they did. With all that said, he's more than deserving of a better rating than his FIFA 22 score of 82. Seeing as he's among the top goalscorers of Europe, Ben Yedder ought to have a similar evaluation to the likes of Harry and Aubamayang Kane. Unforunately, that's not going to be the case.

    It may be odd to say Bernardo Silva is going to be an underrated player since his rating is likely to be about 86, however he is so much better than that number suggests.Bernardo Silva was integral to Manchester City's Premier League winning campaign this past year. The old Portugal man played 36 games last season in the league , scoring seven goals and crafting seven assists. As is frequently the case however, having a helping hand in just 14 goals downplays how large of an effect he's on Manchester City overall - like Fernandinho.

    Manchester City have been looking for a replacement for David Silva and they have certainly found one in the title and talent. He can drop a great deal of plaudits and listen to his own teammates Segrio Augero, Raheem Sterling, and cheap FUT 23 Coins Kevin De Bruyne, however Bernardo Silva is nigh on irreplaceable for City.As such, his rating needs to be higher. Last year Raheem Serling was rated 87, but his score is very likely to be 88 or 89 this year, and Silva's ought to be the same. He may not be providing the assists of De Bruyne or the goals of Sterling, but Silva provides the oh-so important intangibles.