A source of inspiration for Warriors all over the world

  • A source of inspiration for Warriors all over the world, Bajheera is an Arms Warrior who spends a significant amount hours in PvP. PvP arena. The dedicated streamer has been active on YouTube since the year 2010. with experience in both retail and World of Warcraft WOTLK Classic. Plenty of WoW players from all classes have looked to Bajheera for advice when it comes to gear gameplay, and generally fighting the hell out of foes. He's also currently showing his abilities with Lost Ark and New World and WoW Arena through his channel on YouTube.


    Vanilla was an unison when it came to certain abilities and classes. Some were overpowered , while others were useless. Drakedog is a Warlock in vanilla who proved the Destruction class wasn't an absolute wasted talent point. His first claim to fame was ganking literally every single player he saw while participating in WoW game's beta tests.

    Many of his videos are on YouTube even after 12 years since he first posted them, along with his "seduce and nuke" strategy is still famous. He started by taking pictures of his victories and published them on his website but the people he disgraced, sacked his website and deleted them. So he decided to create videos instead.


    A savage priest/Holy Discipline who has made a name of himself on WOTLK Gold 
    Twitch by stream-casting his battles. Twitch, gamers can also connect with him on YouTube through his channel with the identical name, Hydramist. He's an effective content creator and player in terms of publicity in the form of social media, publicity, and merchandise. Hydra typically streams his experiences in arena battles, and the information on his sites and videos is always timely and updated regularly. It's an excellent resource for any player in arena or PvP. This isn't just for Priests.


    Angwe was one of the very first PVPers to make the terrifying Menethil Harbor a thing. The popular transportation hub for Alliance players was located in an extremely isolated area situated in the Wetlands. There is an Alliance territory, but is virtually empty except for cheap WOTLK Classic Gold, Alliance players who took the boat for Kalimdor Stormwind and Kalimdor. Stormwind and easy to access by the in neutral Arathi Highlands.