Blizzard also released the descriptions for Bananas

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    WoW Introduces New Charity Campaign To Help COVID-19 with These Two Cute Pets

    Blizzard has announced a new charitable campaign where players can buy an in-game pet for World of Warcraft and the money going to aid groups for humanitarians fighting COVID-19.

    Now through on April 26. (or until donations exceed 1 million dollars), WoW players can donate any amount of money they want to Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres , to help the entire WoW community receive at least one pet that is a new addition to the game. This money will go into the organization's Crisis Fund that helps with different initiatives related to the pandemic.

    If funding reaches $500.000. everyone will receive a new monkey pet named Bananas to use within World of Warcraft , regardless of whether you've personally donated towards the cause. Should the amount of funding reach $1 million, every WoW player will receive a pet sloth named Daisy. Both pets can be seen as shown below. utilize the slider to quickly look at each.

    Blizzard also released the descriptions for Bananas and buy WoTLK Classic Gold Daisy They are delightful. You can read those descriptions below, and the complete details on how to donate can be found at end of this page. Blizzard created the descriptions of these segments, and they were published in a blog post.