D2R Ladder streamers decide to leave the game

  • It is becoming less likely to be that Activision Blizzard will revamp D2R Items Ladder to make it a less prey-based game as time goes forward. The most popular question among players concerns the possibility that D2R Ladder could have the same problems like D2R Ladder since the company has announced that its next flagship RPG will be an online game, not an individual standalone release.

    It was always certain to happen that D2R Ladder's momentum would wane and it was inevitable that it would lose momentum. It was impossible to imagine that D2R Ladder's mobile edition of Diablo could keep the momentum it enjoyed due to a storm of media attention and controversy. It's certainly a surprise to observe how fast D2R Ladder's popularity has waned in relation to streamer support for popular streamers and Twitch viewers. This week has seen a number of big D2R Ladder streamers decide to leave the game.

    The most notable change from D2R Ladder streaming community is D2R Ladder Items Buy. Many may remember Quin69 as the hapless soul who decided to keep investing money into D2R Ladder until he acquired the 5-star gem drop. Quin69 paid $16.000 for D2R Ladder microtransactions prior to when he received his gem. To celebrate, he deleted his account. He also voiced some harsh critiques of D2R Ladder and encouraged his followers to remove their accounts.