The most popular post on the Lost Ark forums

  • Lost Ark Gold(opens in new tab) participants from Australia as well as New Zealand are flocking to the official forums of the game to request Amazon for region-specific servers in response to issues with latency as well as long queues on servers.

    Requests for an Oceania server area began in the month of November 2021, which was a couple of months before Lost Ark Gold global launch. In a thread with the title "Please Reconsider Oceania Servers"(opens in a new tab) user ooglydit posted "While I'm very grateful for the efforts that AGS has put into getting the region-lock lifted for Australia & New Zealand, having a dedicated server for our region would go in leaps and bounds to making games more entertaining for all of us." The main reason behind the request was concern about the rates of ping when connecting to distant servers. "As currently, if our only options are EU/NA, then we're facing either a ping of -250 in NA or -300 ping to EU."

    It appears that ooglydit's concerns were well-founded. As of writing, the request to have Oceania servers is the most popular post on the Lost Ark forums, with over 3,000 respondents adding to the request for a specific server for each region, and that figure is growing.As players feared, high speed of connection with distant servers can impact the game experience. "I can tell I'm not enjoying the joy of my talents: as the delay between animation and impact/result puts an undue strain on everything," writes user Poppleop. Meanwhile, Rigeth notes that pings that are high put Oceania players on the wrong side of PvP. "It's also common for the majority of Australians to cheapest Lost Ark Gold sit at around 203ms, so when we enter PVP and face an opponent with 18ms or more, we are likely to lose 1v1", they point out.